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TGA is known for trailers and teasers of new games and DLCs, and I think a lot of people was surprised we are getting 2 last DLCs (that we know of?) being released on same day.

The fact that those DLCs are released on the same day The Game Award stream is, makes me think we may see something for the future of the Anno. I think everybody expect devs already started working on next game in series, and to do so they would need to pick setting first.

So I wouldn't be surprised if on TGA we will see trailer/teaser of new Anno game with New World Rising and Old Town DLCs mentioned as "available today". Or, you know, trailer of next season.

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I think on settlers is working different studio? Like still Blue Byte, but form different city. I think on Anno works Blue Byte Mainz, and on The Settlers works studio from different city.

Correct, yes. While the overall German studio network is called "Blue Byte" now, it consists of three separate studios: Ubisoft Berlin, Ubisoft Düsseldorf and Ubisoft Mainz.

Düsseldorf is working on The Settlers (and always has) while Mainz is us (Anno team) as well as co-development teams for BGE2 and R6S.