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Hello guys,

Recently, my multiplayer game encountered LR40 Synchronization error. Everything was okey, all the way up to 40 lvl of population, then every next time so wanted to start my game it was getting worse. Last week it used to finally work after couple attempts, but right now I cannot play my game at all. I tried so many, including changing graphics setting, cleaning my computer, changing the hosting player, updating my graphics driver. Of course, Ubisoft support doesn’t work at all. Is there any one of you who have any solution?

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Hey everyone,

a desync usually happens when the data of two or more players is not in synch, i.e. a certain action a player triggered a bit earlier lead to different information being created on the machines of different players. As soon as the game notices this, the desync appears.

In most cases, loading an older savegame and not doing the action should solve it.

To help us figure out, which actions are likely to cause these issues, it would be great if you could send us affected "broken" savegames. Feel free to send them to me via private message.