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Hi @swampskull,

If you haven't already, try resetting your EA password here:

If that doesn't resolve the issue you'll need to speak with an advisor at or on Twitter at @EAHelp so we can take a look at your account. -EA Cade

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31 Jul

Originally posted by KreiaDarthTraya

With what looks likes like huge loot and equipment changes to the game I can't help but wonder what's going to happen with all the current stuff players have or continue to get in the meantime?

This sounds like a very important and complicated question that future BioWare will need to figure out.I assume future me will also have to message that so I hope it goes well.

In all seriousness that's something we're talking about and we'll share that with you all in due time. We totally get that the transition to whatever this next version of Anthem is raises a lot of concerns and questions. We're noting it all and plan on solving those problems and communicating them. I wish I had more but that's a very important future problem.

Originally posted by AmargoTV

do you feel that the work/progress is advancing nicely considering covid and the struggles? and with the new consoles coming out, will there be a port?

I will say that if you would've told me 2-3 months ago that that blog was going out today... I would call you crazy.
I can only really speak to my own struggles of working from home but as a team everyone is incredibly supportive over here. The work the Anthem team is doing is awesome, and it's a constant source of inspiration and motivation. It's a cyclical thing right? We all want to be doing out best work next to everyone's best work so we, directly and indirectly, continually motivate each other despite this uncertain and overwhelming time period.

I don't have an answer about consoles at the moment. (meaning I just can't answer it at this time) I'll note it though and of course we'll tell you guys that information when it's time.

Originally posted by Heteroptics

Any clue when we could expect the new stuff coming? Next year? 2022?

Current ETA is when it's ready :) Obviously we'll share that information when the time is right but currently that is undecided.

Originally posted by Stormaggedon2169

Wonder whats under that "skills" tab.

What a skillful catch.

Originally posted by aqua19858

Important thing to note from Ythisens (CM) on Discord:
"All of the UI is of course at this stage a placeholder. As we rapidly prototype systems to test out, you'll see a lot of temporary UI elements to get a sort of visual reference at what something is or should roughly be. The UI could be totally different by even the next blog based off of suggestions from y'all or from playtests internally."

Confirmed. I said this thing.

Hello Again! 

I hope this finds you well and I appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through the right timing for new information. We’re excited to share w...

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