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Originally posted by excaliburps

Is there a patch for this or just a server-side update?

Server side update, similar to the Cataclysm weekly updates. You won’t need to download a patch or anything.

21 Oct

Happy Season of Skulls, Freelancers!

Though this is the first time all of you are partaking in the festivities of Bastion, the Season of Skulls is a time-honored tradition.

When darkness gathers across the lands, the wayfaring peoples of Bastion kindle torches, braziers, and bonfires to bring back the light. When painful memories cling to us about those who fell before their time, memories of joy, friendship, and camaraderie arise to take their place. When despair tries to take us and we feel more alone than ever, humanity comes together to cherish one another. It is a time of darkness and terrors, yes, but also a time of hope, remembrance, and light.

The world around us isn’t safe. That’s never been ...

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20 Oct

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16 Oct

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