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It just happened. Full legendary

about 1 hour ago - /u/UNTDrew on Reddit - Thread - Direct


21 Aug

20 Aug

Originally posted by mordind

You didn’t address the war chest issues....dups and most hard earned rights to open chest results in only items for javelins you don’t play. Could you please address that?

Your statement is inaccurate. Items from War Chests are random. They do not grant "only items for javelins you don’t play." They can grant for any of the javelins. With them being random, yes, you also have the odds of getting a duplicate (although, I would be surprised if you also got duplicate inscription rolls in all slots).

Originally posted by davidmako

Thanks for clarifying. But I need to say that I really HATE this decision. I applauded it last week to keep the melee chest (and I understand the reason for that) but I have made quiet a few new gaming acquaintances over the last weekend and they haven't had nearly as much chance to get the gear pieces. Please, reconsider or bring them back for the final week of the event.

And I would really appreciate a way to bulk craft major crystals/sigils/deconstruct all or multiple items on mission end screen. Cheers

I hear you. Thanks for the feedback.

Originally posted by BaobabOFFCL

Thaaanks man!!!

This has been the most fun ive had playing


Glad to hear it. :)

19 Aug

Originally posted by Painmak3r

But why is melee staying?

I don't like this, we've had an extra week for melee, why not at least one for gear?

Reason: Players returning to the game would have had really weak Melee Weapons if they missed those. We're leaving this one in since it's a brand new weapon slot.

(This was based on PTS feedback, as well.)

Originally posted by itsmehonest

Awesome. Loving it so far! Just wanted to check as well - completed the challenge which unlocks the blueprint for new weapons ...I'm assuming those won't be available to make until the weapon chest is out? :)

New weapons are not in yet. That is correct. We will obviously let you all know when they are.

Just so it's "Crystal" clear: Gear War Chests are leaving tomorrow. Get 'em while they're hot (i.e. If you need Gear).

Greetings Freelancers,

We hope you enjoyed being able to acquire a boatload of javelin Gear pieces from the Week 2 War Chests. In this week’s Community Cortex, I’m going to walk through some of the Cataclysm changes you can expect this week, as well as highlight the leaderboard champions from Week 2 on each platform. (Per usual, the Leaderboards will be updated in this post once we’ve been able to verify they’re all final.) Let’s jump in…

Cataclysm “Echoes of Reality” Changes:

“Castle Kelrik” Event  - We added Diana’s Landing last week, and now you’ll have access to the 5th arena before going to challenge Vara. The Castle Kelrik event, located in the “New Dawn” Dis...

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18 Aug

17 Aug

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