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Well, Legends? Let’s dance! The Veiled Collection Event will start from April 25th to May 9th and is packed with gorgeous cosmetics to earn and a brand new limited-time mode that puts a fun twist on Team Deathmatch. Read on and learn more about the details of the event.


TDM Unshielded Deadeye is a twist on Team Deathmatch with Legends wielding limited, rotating loadouts each match to prove their skill. Every match loadouts will be randomly given so players will start with one of the following weapon sets:

  • Wingman and 30-30 Repeater
  • Hemlok and G7 Scout
  • Kraber and Sentinel

Care packages are turned off and players will have no shields or helmets. The first team to 50 kills wins and will reveal the true Champions among Legends. 


Unlock 24 explosive limited-time cosmetics, with Legendary skins for Wattson, Rampart, Gibraltar, and more. 

All 24 items will be available in exchange for Apex Coins or Crafting Metals and in Veiled  Collection Event Apex Packs for the entire duration of the event.

If you unlock all 24 cosmetics in the collection before the event ends, you’ll automatically receive Caustic’s new Prestige skin, “Apex Contagion”! 


You can earn up to 1,600 points per day and challenges refresh daily. All these challenges also stack with your Battle Pass so you can complete multiple challenges at once.


Explore limited-time offers in the Store tab including Gibraltar’s Court Executioner bundle and don’t miss out on Pathfinder’s Elegant Mechanic skin available from April 25th to April 28th or Ash’s Synthetic Huntress bundle available May 5th to May 9th and much more.


To all our Ranked Arena legends, we want to remind you to log in before the start of the next season to redeem your rewards. Claim your Ranked Arena rewards before they expire, and jump back into the game!

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