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EDIT: played a ranked match and was forced to restart, reset to bronze 4 after


Picture from 5 mins ago when I updated and logged in for new season. Didn't play last season except for a few games near the end and found out that I was plat 2 somehow.

Legit have no idea what's going on because my ranked badges doesn't even show that I was plat in the last 3 seasons: https://prnt.sc/ikF9XcNVe_4N

This isn't even counting how my ranked should've been reset on the update anyways.


didnt play for 2-3 seasons and kept old rank for some reason. Need a reset somehow dunno what happened.

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19 days ago - /u/RSPN_Mack - Direct link

Hey there.

This was fixed, so if you login, you should your Ranked rewards appear, and your Rank reset.
Let us know if you still have issues.

~ Mack.