18 days ago - EA_Kent - Direct link

Hey @AnxiousMortifera

I definitely get the frustration. There are some things we can try which could help. 


Have you tried changing your DNS in Windows to see if that makes any difference? You can update it through the Windows TCP/IP Settings. For more info on how to get there check out the Microsoft Support website. Selecting the Manual option will let you enter a DNS of your choosing. I usually go with the public Google DNS (Primary DNS:; Secondary DNS:, but I've also heard that the public Cloudflare DNS can help ( 


Once you've had the chance to give it a shot let me know if you're still getting stuck at the loading screen. Thanks! 

11 days ago - EA_Kent - Direct link

Hey everyone, 

Thanks for the updates. Which datacenter(s) are you normally connected to? Does changing to another datacenter make any difference, or are you still running into this same error?