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The server issues we've had have been a source of a lot real pain for players and for us—sometimes cracking a joke is a way to deal with the pain. All love for you guys. Hopefully some of you saw the intended self-deprecating humor in that post.

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Originally posted by InTheEyeOfTheNorth

I think it was seen for sure by a lot of people as self-depreciating humor. But also, seen as a flagrant to a lot of people who have been having a lot of issues with a game they love.

Anyway, keep on trucking, my dude!

No bad vibes intended, I love the game too, man. May we both continue trucking successfully, godspeed

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Originally posted by The_lost_watermelon

I mean this in the opposite of a argumentative way What is actually stopping you guys from doing a server update?

Updates happen all the time—I feel like you're asking about server hardware, though, which most of our issues particularly recently have been software related. I'm not the best person to explain it like an expert but the big awful wave of issues with the 10.1 patch in particular was a series of unforeseen problems caused by the patch itself. Live service can be hard. Only thing you can do is learn from experience and look for ways to make it better going forward.

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Originally posted by ModmanX

For what it's worth, I just about died laughing when I first saw the tweet

🙏 May you be blessed with many memes to hold you through the coming winter