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Sorry to hear about the crashes on PC. Let's start with some basics first below and if you can attach a DxDiag that will help us know what specs/hardware you're using along with any errors showing up at the bottom of your Windows Error Reporter. Let us know what happens. Thumbs up


  1. Update your drivers and basic PC troubleshooting steps
  2. Search "Windows Updates" in the taskbar search bar so you can get the latest version. Pending Windows updates can cause conflicts with Origin/games
  3. Make sure Origin and your games are added to your anti-virus exceptions list. Some anti-virus/firewalls can prevent games from launch. More info here
  4. Disable all overlays (Origin In-game, Discord, MSI Afterburner) before launching the game again
  5. Determine whether a process running in the background is causing issues by performing a clean boot. As soon as the PC boots up, immediately run Origin as administrator by right-clicking on the desktop shortcut. Launch the game immediately without opening up any other programs. Here is how to clean boot

How to gather DxDiag information



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