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Our goal with the dev tracker is provide players with more visibility into some of the bigger community issues that we’ve seen reported and working on. Note that this board doesn’t account for ALL the things we’re tracking.

We’ll be updating the cards here at least once a week and will include a link to the board when we do dev updates.

Also be sure to be tracking us on twitter @playapex

Official forums: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Apex-Legends/ct-p/apex-legends-en


Are these cards in order of Priority? A: No. These are all being looked at and will be updated on a weekly basis if there is movement on them.

What’s the difference between a server patch vs. client patch?

SERVER PATCH or HOTFIX: These are changes that we can make on the server that don’t require a patch to push to your PC or consoles. These are usually script or playlist changes.

CLIENT PATCH: These are patches that you’ll need to download and update your game to get. These require us to create a new build and go through the certification process before we can push these live to all platforms. Whenever we are adding new content, fixing code bugs, or making some big changes to the game, they have to be done through a client patch.

What happened to that one issue? Issues that are fixed in a patch will have their card moved to a group for that patch and then will be removed approximately a week later.

When does this get updated? This tracker will be updated on a weekly basis.

Is this all you guys are working on? There’s other issues in the game not listed here We have lots of other things we’re working on. The board will not show everything but some of the bigger issues we see players talking about and things that we can share progress on.

Why did I get Banned? It means you broke one of our rules. If you think we’ve made a mistake, get in touch with us so we can talk about it. Our Terms of Service team will email you to explain what happened.


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