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Hi @Vortexalia

Can we also try setting a different DNS on your PS5 to see if that makes any difference? 


You can update the DNS using the steps below: 

1. Open the PS5 Settings

2. Select Network

3. Select Settings

4. Select Set Up Internet Connection

5. Choose Set Up Manually

6. Choose WiFi or LAN Cable depending on what type of connection you're using

7. Select DNS

8. Enter as the Primary DNS and as the Secondary DNS. This is the public Google DNS, but I've also seen some people mention that using the public Cloudflare DNS can also help (Primary DNS:

9. Select Done


Let me know if you are still having any of the same issues after that. Thanks! 

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Hey @muzammil147


Have you double-checked your PSN account to make sure you don't have any bans or restrictions on it? 

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Which datacenter are you normally connecting to? If you change to other datacenters the same issues aren't happening? 

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I see, thanks!


What type of internet connection do you use? Are you connected over WiFi, or do you use a network cable?