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Being a Legend is an attitude, and next month is your chance to flex some and take a shot at Apex Legends™ immortality. Legends—gather for the fight, it’s time for the first-ever Nessie Cup!

Oversight Esports will hold a month-long tournament, featuring Apex Legends™, consisting of three invitationals, which will all lead up to one final showdown. What sets the Apex Legends Nessie Cup apart from other tournaments is that Creator legends RayndayGuhrl and Dazs will each host an invitational event, drawing from their community of players to participate along the way, and each event will feature a $50,000 prize pool. To add a bit more spice, they’ve added some twists to each of the invitational’s game formats†! 

In addition to the three invitationals, the Nessie Cup will also feature a final event with an additional $100,000 prize pool.The players with the most points will move on to the Finals to duke it out for bragging rights, prize money, and a truly incredible trophy with Raynday, Dazs, and Guhrl in the mix!. Additionally, the winners will receive bragging rights, which is probably the best prize of all. 

Grab your party hats and get ready to fight for the Nessie Cup!

Thursday, March 7th (4:00 pm PST / 7:00 pm EST): Invitational 1

  • Creator: GuhRL
  • Format: Apex Legends Mini Games 

Thursday, March 14th (4:00 pm PST / 7:00 pm EST): Invitational 2

  • Creator: Raynday 
  • Format: Duos, Team Deathmatch, Control. Points will be attributed to kills 
  • Added Twist: Random Royale

Thursday, March 21st (4:00 pm PST / 7:00 pm EST): Invitational 3

  • Creator: Dazs
  • Format: Three Strikes + Trios No Weapons + Wattson Punch-Out  
  •  Added Twist: Random Royale

Thursday, March 28th (4:00 pm PST / 7:00 pm EST): Finals

Finals Schedule (modes are subject to change):

  • Game 1: Three Strikes
  • Game 2: Hide and Seek 
  • Game 3: Trios With No Weapons
  • Game 4: Snipers + Shotguns Only
  • Game 5: Offense vs. Defense with 30 Assaults and 30 Controllers
  • Game 6: Trios with No Weapons
  • Added Twist throughout the FInals: Random Royale

The players with the most points will move on to the Finals to duke it out for bragging rights, prize money, and a truly incredible trophy with Raynday / Dazs / Guhrl in the mix!  

Additional Format Descriptions:

  • Trios No Weapons: Participants will play melee and abilities only
  • Apex Legends™ Mini Games: Win a series of mini BR / Mixtape challenges to advance
  • Random Royale: Participants will be jostled around across different teams, so that each team is different for each match
  • Wattson Punch-Out: Players have to kill the Wattson character on the other team via punching

Ready to battle? Head over to either  RayndayGuhrl , or Dazs’ socials for additional participation information. 

The Nessie Cup is operated by Oversight Esports in their sole discretion and is not sponsored or administered by Electronic Arts.

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