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Jeeeez that was disgusting. Awesome plays man. I'm a Rampart main too, but I don't pull off stuff like that.

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I am a rampart (masters) and I do find thst though her kit is severely underpowered + couldnuse good QOL additions... she is often a 1v2 god. I have clutched some insane 1v3 but usually it is because peoplebjustbdon't find enough ramparts and the shields throw them off. It is quite hilarious to watch.

I will say, in ranked the higher you climb, you begin to flex more. It's that same scenario where your legend can literally have people leave mid fight and blame your pick to truly skilled players d3+ just having IQ to make your abilities useless in anything but end game too often. Rampart sucks versus third parties ans truly holding areas down due to her serious lack of reactive power.

People don't want to play around you. With wattson, people can freely maneuver about. The walls restrict your teammates to a playstyle that isn't common. Whereas with wattson, they can freely move in and out of fences. Wattson can also significantly deny more area, giving more play room for the team to feel comfortable. She also denies even large areas whereas a shield always feels more personal use.

I also only use sheila om rare occassions. Cheesing people coming out of zone, end game, and that rare chance to blow a door off of someone holding the other side.

I made a rampart post some months back with some suggestions.

  1. Being able to switch amp side of shield with button press. (Blue/red swap) It would have a cooldown to not be spammable, but you can adjust defense for many scenarios.

  2. People shouldn't be able to climb over it. It would be such much more powerful if it HAD to be broken to get through it. Shields could be a second door that way or another way to signify someone is flanking you.

  3. Sheila needs more rotation. Left and right side should be able to do180 turn (but stops at 180 for each side). But honestly, i don't see Sheila ever being a good ult without being OP. So i am curious to see how the genius minds at respawn rework or tune it. Excited for that because I want to use Sheila every game at least once, like everyone elses ults (well, they can many many times). I would personally ditch the multiple Sheila option for some very spicy QOL+power.

  4. Her passive has a very weird thing about it. I use the guns because I like to but the passive is centered around a strange class. You have the spitfire that has a huge mag and considered too strong, the L-star that while good... lacks consistent value is most decent tier lobbies, and a devo which is reliant on a rare rng hop-up. I don't think the solution is to spread her passive to all guns because I think that would make her an unfair 1v1 duelist... but I would like to see something tweaked. I just can't think of what atm.

With all of that said, i find ramparts true power in having sheilds be unexpected (wish it was more reactive power) and the BASE of her shields with 400hp severely underrated. Ive won too many games with the cover+tank value of them in open areas where there is no cover for anyone. They destroy the glass thinking I care about the glass and I can play the base latter ;)

Good suggestions here, thanks for writing it up. We have some good Rampart updates coming mid season 10. You'll know it when you see it. :)