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I was playing a few days ago with a friend of mine from college. It was just the two of us so we were in a private Xbox Live party playing with an unknown third. Luckily, we noticed that our third had impressive stats and when it came to gameplay he was on the same page as us - pinging needed weapons, ammo, body shields, etc. We eventually got down to the last 3 squads left so we invited our third to our party chat and ended up winning the game! We continued to play with him until eventually it was getting late for all of us and was time to wrap it up. We realized that we were all in the same time zone so I then asked him where he was from. He then named my hometown, which slightly blew my mind.

Two days later I join his party & game and we’re playing some more together. I kept pointing out how much of a small world it is that he is from the same hometown as me and whatnot. I asked him how old he is and turns out he’s just a year younger than me. Asked him if he played sports around the area and he said that he played little league baseball in our hometown area - so did I. We then exchanged first and last names and agreed that our names sounded familiar, but couldn’t recall each other.

I asked my mom today if she remembered anyone from my little league baseball days with his last name and immediately she remembered him as well as his parents. Turns out that we were on the same baseball team when we were both 5 and 8 years old and grew up just a few blocks away from each other. I actually went to a couple of his birthday parties way back and whatnot but we drifted apart as we got older and went to different schools.

Here we are some 15 odd years later meeting again playing Apex Legends.

Thank you Respawn, for helping me reunite with an old friend!

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Wow what a great story. Thanks for sharing.

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