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Are there ways to make mmo questing similar to singleplayer quests, specificly Skyrim. I didnt play singleplayer games a lot (Skyrim 5h, assasins creed odyssey 10h and little bit of witcher 3).

Recently I started Skyrim and for 5hours I have been surprised for 5 times st least by game design. I play 1h daily and every playtrough Ive been surprised at least once.

Today I was on quest about temple of Mirak (of I pronounced that name right) and I took quest and I didnt go for it immediately, so I went roaming in this area to search side quests since they are hidden (no npc pointers above their heads) andI stumbled upon some elf miner, when I finished speaking to him I found bed near him, so I went to rest to regain magicka (I am playing on survival mode), then when I woke up I found myself in temple of Mirak with some other nord femaleand we got ambushed. I saved game and quit because I want to play Skyrim daily for longer period of time.

I am asking this out of curiocity,can something similar be done in MMO games? Is it too complex to codeand if it is not, why are devs not stealing ideas from this masterpiece of game?

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Epic quests like this one are indeed possible in MMORPGs. There are some MMORPGs out there that have done quite well with the singleplayer questing experience!

We're working on making questing in Ashes of Creation an immersive and unique experience, full of wonder, intrigue, and adventure! ^_^

I'd love to hear more about all of your favorite quests, whether they're from MMORPGs or just RPGs! What can you share from your memories?