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Just curious, is anyone else excited to just be a nobody in this game? Like you're not the champion, the savior, the godkinghero... is anyone else just excited to be something as mundane as a guard... or a mercenary.... or a farmer.... etc like you don't even have to be someone who goes out and kills monsters to contribute to the success of whatever territory you commit to.

That's just amazing to me. Looking forward to being a nameless guard. Specifically a py'rai guard in a py'rai node. Where I'll actually be able to be a guard who doesn't just stand there all day every day (maybe some days) but who will actually see action by just being there and being available. No statues made in my honor, no main characters pulling me into their drama, just a nameless guard. Love it.
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I expect many to say yes to this question! We did a Dev Discussion on an adjacent topic, and many players felt they wanted to "normal," or rather not "the savior" of the universe <3

Here's that Dev Discussion for ya, in case you're curious ;) https://forums.ashesofcreation.com/discussion/55231/dev-discussion-49-lore-characters/p1

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