Transcript (by Youtube)

0s me a little bit about some of these
2s attacks what do you got going on here
4s Jason and Doug
6s um so yeah his first phase
8s um here he has a lot of uh physical
11s attacks but he also employs a lot of
13s attacks using his tree like we see there
14s with the roots hitting us
16s and right now you can see he's also he's
18s he's pulling some fungus out of the tree
21s and using that to heal himself he has a
23s tank Spike attack where he smashes the
26s the tree into the tank that Doug was
28s blocking earlier generally does a lot of
29s like AOE Splash damage
32s that other melee will want to avoid not
35s stand stand together yeah he's not
38s particularly complex uh raid boss but
40s he's a great example that of what we
43s want to do with large creatures and
44s Ashes having them interact with the
46s environment having that that camera
48s shake that you know those knockdowns
50s that make it feel like he is here and he
53s is crushing you

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