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The Image depicts my Character Nahele My'runji, a Py'rai Elf who serves House Kimura. He absolutely enjoys his heavy reading and exploration into the unknown! [img]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/495452751996911616/1180154530835484733/Nahele_Myrunji.png?ex=657c638e&is=6569ee8e&hm=4894776cd764d22af091c3ae6d8b331680cfbc58498961d912e231c4015c5f2e&[/img] The Artist is: Bee Family His Patreon is: https://www.patreon.com/BeeFamily Character is: Nahele Myrunji (My character!)
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Hi @Spenta :) I'm not sure if there is an issue with the images, with the forums, or some unknown issue happening, but we were hoping to grab these images, especially the second one, for our Fan Friday showcase before it disappeared from this thread! Is there a possibility you can reupload these?