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Would it ruin your game experience if you cant level up because everytime you step outside a town, you get PKed by someone who gets no reward out of it exept the feeling of destroying low levels? There are weak people out there who are going to live off this if they can. No my kind of folk tbh.

Im all for Open World PvP, Im all for contesting points of interest, Im all for big groups roaming and killing smaller groups, oor even soloers roaming for gear and materials, nothing will ever be fully equal or "fair" and that's part of the fun, But is there a limit to this idea?

Should level restrictions be used to solve the leveling issue, for example?

Are you FOR the possibility of a max levels killing low levels over and over just for giggles? Do you think that helps the chances of the game surviving long term or doesnt affect it?

Or maybe I am wrong and the corruption mechanics already cover this and prevent it from happening "enough"?

You know, I dont want to bash on the community, I know its full of players from all playstyles, I myself cant ait to get involved in OWPvP. I just believe there needs to be some safeguards for leveling players.
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As some have pointed out, it'll be interesting to see player behaviors during Alpha Two testing! ^_^