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The purpose of this thread is to share your ideas for various cosmetic themes that you would like to see in the game.
If you decide to post something, please accompany any images you share with a description of what you're looking for to make it easier for others to understand you.

Alright, here is the first think I would really love to see:
Living Armor that has a Symbiotic Relationship with its Wearer (Bio-Armor)

I think that it would be really awesome to have living armor, but not in the form you usually see where armor is possesed by some kind of ghostly spirit, but more in the sense that it is a living thing that establishes a symbiotic relationship with its wearer, gaining sustenance from the wearer's essence or in other ways. And in exchange offers the wearer great protection amongst other benefits (at least in lore).

I personally haven't seen this concept explored much in fantasy, but I believe that not only can it work, but it can also be rather awesome.
I think it could work rather well for this kind of armor to have some spooky bioluminescent accents.

I'm essentially looking for something inspired by this:

I believe that further references for this idea can be found with the term "Bio-Armor".

Potential themes with this could be, but are not limited to
- The Armor really doesn't want to be removed, if it can avoid it, kinda like a cursed item.
- Controlling it may take a lot of willpower, and those who lack that willpower run the risk of being puppeteered by the armor.
- Despite potential drawbacks, some may still consider it worth wearing this armor for the incredible protection it provides, while others may feel trapped inside the armor, slowly succumbing to insanity as they find themselves unable to remove it.
- I like the potential angle of trying to use a powerful yet cursed item and attempt to do good with it.

A rough lore concept I threw together in a couple hours
[spoiler]"The Mutualistic Shroud, a dark creation born from the desperate whispers of a blood magic cult held captive by an Order of Knights, is both a curse and a lifeline. Forged in the crucible of desperation, it is a mimic armor, warped by corruption and sustained by the essence it feasts upon. Its origins trace back to a time when the looming threat of the Ancients' corruption pushed the boundaries of morality and necessity.

The blood magic cult, bound by the shackles of the Order of Knights, sought to harness the very essence of life to create a weapon against the encroaching darkness. They delved into forbidden rituals, forging a symbiotic entity that would become the Mutualistic Shroud. Held at swordpoint, they reluctantly relinquished their creation to the Order - a dark gift born from the very corruption itself.

The wearer of the Mutualistic Shroud is both a guardian and a prisoner, bound by an unbreakable pact. The armor, a living entity of its own, permits only measured removal. The more the wearer attempts to strip themselves of its embrace, the more it resists, ensuring that its own survival remains entwined with theirs.

To obtain the Mutualistic Shroud is to walk a path stained with blood and desperation. Only through the demise of a current wearer can the armor transfer its allegiance. A lethal dance of shadows unfolds as the armor senses the impending end and seeks a new host with ruthless efficiency.

The Mutualistic Shroud, though born of darkness, becomes a reluctant ally in the battle against corruption. It thrives on the essence of the wearer, sustaining itself through the very life force it protects. The tales of the unfortunate wearers of these armors are a haunting echo in the annals of Verra - a testament to the sacrifices made in the name of survival and the uneasy alliances forged against a common, consuming foe."[/spoiler]

What ideas do you have for cosmetic themes that you'd like to see in the game?
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Very neat concepts! Can you think of lore that could go with them? c: