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I know a few games have this, YouTubers talked about this, and manga/anime has stuff like this.

It would be cool if Ashes of Creation implemented:

Tower Challenge: 25+ floors. Each floor is a challenge a boss or mobs. Every next floor is a more difficult level. For every level you complete, you get a reward. You get a unique reward(skin etc.) if you are the first to beat it or if you beat the fastest time.

Mount Races: Have races or challenges with obstacles (like fall guys) with your mounts. Jumping over rocks on a river of lava etc... Prices for the winners.

Tavern Games: I think having card games similar to what elder scrolls online have at taverns would be cool. Games within a game. Gameception!

I am sure the intrepid team has already thought of most of this or someone brought this up. I just wanted to bring this to light just in case.
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I'm happy to report that Parlor Games (Tavern Games) are a confirmed feature of Ashes of Creation. You can read more about them here, on the wiki! https://ashesofcreation.wiki/Parlor_games

There will be an area called The Wreckage of Carphin. While it's not quite what you're describing, I thought I would share anyway ;) https://ashesofcreation.wiki/The_Wreckage_of_Carphin

Mount races are a suggestion I could see relating to our Event system, which you can learn more about here! https://ashesofcreation.wiki/Events