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2s [Music]
3s foreign
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17s hello and welcome to our glorious ashes
20s of creation January development update
22s it's our first stream of the Year we
24s hope January safe and well I know isn't
29s that crazy that is very crazy I was I
33s was just talking with you the other day
34s actually about
36s um how it feels so long since I've got a
39s live stream yes it has been well it's
42s because the months so we have like a
44s little bit of a situation whenever it's
46s December and November it's like
48s everything's so fast and they're back to
50s back and then when it gets around the
52s time for January Everything feels super
54s long because I know we don't have her
57s I was missing our live stream it was
60s making me sad I went like a the week
63s Beyond the normal Cadence for me and I
65s was just like something feels off
67s well now you're back and everyone gets
70s to see our our faces but that's not why
74s you're here you you want to see the tank
76s you want to see some tanking and some
77s spanking so we'll definitely be showing
79s you some of that we'd like to thank
81s everyone actually for tuning in uh I had
84s them for the outro you stole it oh no
88s um I actually said it in the chat I was
89s like tanks for joining us um but of
92s course uh you know as a reminder like
95s we're here again um I'm Margaret Crone
97s I'm your director of communications I
99s got a title of uh achievement unlocked
103s um and then of course with me as always
105s is Steven Sharif our creative director
108s um I hope you're doing well it's been I
110s missed everybody they've missed you I
113s know yeah I've been doing great it's
114s been uh it's been a crazy month actually
116s we've gotten a lot you know
118s this has probably been our most
120s productive January I think we've ever
121s had as a company
122s a lot has happened a lot I know me
126s especially I'm just like it's yeah
129s usually sometimes for for Studios it can
132s take a week to get back in the saddle
134s again but I feel like we hit the ground
135s running day one was like let's go
139s but I think everyone was refreshed we
142s got a lot of cool stuff to show off and
143s of course we're working on a lot of
145s stuff that you're not going to see today
146s too
147s um but you'll be seeing in the future
148s and we'll give a little little teasers
151s of some stuff that's coming up but um of
153s course to remind you of what you're
155s going to see today we are going to go
157s through some quick reminders they're
158s super quick and then we have our tank
160s update we'll get right into it we know
162s that's why you're here and then we have
164s our character art and Studio update and
165s questions and answers and look at this
167s overlay Mike Vecchio bringing it in some
171s new overlays for the new year it's
174s getting you know a little ashes of
176s creation fantasy Vibes we hope that you
178s like it let us know what you think
180s um we always try to take the new year at
182s least my team we do like a refresher so
184s you'll see a lot of cool new assets
186s coming down the line for all of our
188s social stuff
189s um and I know they're working on some
191s fun things so stay tuned on that front
195s um but with that we're going to go over
197s our
199s common Spotlight which I think I need to
202s grab from this thing about milk week
206s um let's see
208s go over here
209s we have our cosmetic swap over that's
212s happening um so I'll just remind you
214s guys that the Featherstone Royal
215s Expedition goodies are available they
218s will be swapping over uh soon so if you
221s would like them make sure that you get
223s them before 11 A.M Pacific on February
226s 8th and those ones
229s um I got the design which was really
231s cool reminder that these are kind of
233s NPCs that you'll see in the world
235s creatures that you'll see in the world
236s they are you know tied with the lore
238s that we have going on which is pretty
241s exciting and of course we had our Comet
244s Spotlight which I'm going to swap over
246s to if you would like to be our comments
248s Spotlight you can head on over to our
250s YouTube channel subscribe and leave a
251s comment on this development update so
253s it's going to be January development
255s update the one that's titled that which
257s will go live on Saturday but our
259s question here well it's not it's a
261s comment plus question I have been
263s wondering how you will capture the
264s storytelling from a casual point of view
267s a lot of the times where people reflect
269s on what has happened in the MMO is by
272s watching trailers arguably in this
275s person's opinion one of if not the best
277s trailers out there is the Star Wars the
278s Old Republic one where they spend tons
280s of money on capturing an audience
282s through some phenomenal trailers are you
284s looking to do the same or what kind of
286s trailers can we expect From the Ashes of
288s creation and this is from actually epod
290s which
291s um yeah but I'll leave it to you first
294s Stephen well sotor I thought did great
297s trailer and story and voiceovers I
299s thought all that was great was so tour
301s um
302s you know
304s we're an independent studio and we'll
308s start there we're able to start there
310s with that being said there are certain
312s budgetary requirements in order to
315s afford very you know high-end cinematics
319s and voice actors probably not getting a
322s blur trailer if that's right exactly and
325s and what that means is how we want to
329s implement on that front is really going
333s to be
334s an engine in game
336s um how we capture those scenes how we
338s capture those elements of story and the
340s good thing is is that from a lore
342s narrative and Quest requesting
344s perspective we have some some
345s functionality and tools that we're going
347s to be utilizing to help tell the story
350s from the players respect perspective
352s because so much of the story is derived
355s from player action from Community
357s engagement from the social interactions
360s and decisions made along these different
362s story dark second occur and each server
364s is different so not you know spending
366s that amount of money or um that amount
369s of resources on creating these bespoke
373s very well done trailers we would have to
376s create a lot to kind of show how certain
378s story arcs what the outcome looks like
381s um in completing those things because
383s there's a lot of different ways these
384s story arcs can end depending on what the
386s players do so we're going to leverage
388s Tech that that captures kind of at the
391s moment when something server first is
393s done in the story arc and those will be
395s recorded on these um on these memory
399s fragments that players can collect
401s within the game through their
403s experiences and relive potentially uh
406s through the Cinematic that would be in
408s Game recorded how an event went down how
411s a boss was killed how a story arc ended
414s and they can collect those things
415s throughout that server's life and
417s history which I think is a really cool
418s way to tell the story of the server the
421s history of the server I think that's
424s super cool and that's kind of how we're
426s going to to acquire it it's really going
428s to be
429s meant to portray in game and also based
433s on what the players did Margaret so
434s that's more like in-game cinematics um
436s right in regards to trailers and things
438s that we will definitely be making you
440s know trailers if you saw it for Alpha
442s One we made a trailer we'll definitely
443s be making some fun videos for Alpha 2
445s and beta 1 and beta 2 and of course our
447s launch is going to be a big deal for us
449s we will be doing lots of video Snippets
452s and goodies that will be sharing and
454s showcasing
456s um so we'll we'll definitely have
457s trailers they might not be you know blur
459s level trailers but we will do our best
461s to make some really sick stuff that gets
463s people hyped and we'll probably you know
465s from a marketing perspective advertise
467s in some spaces uh in order to get people
469s excited about certain content pieces and
471s advertise those to the right audiences
473s so we will definitely put we're saving
476s our marketing budget for the right
478s spaces for the right places we'll be
480s doing a lot of content creator stuff as
481s you all know we do have a content
483s creator program that is open it's
485s currently an application Phase we will
486s let you know when it switches to
488s invitation phase which will probably be
489s closer to Alpha 2 because we you know
492s you kind of need con you need content to
494s be able to make content so yeah
496s um uh for us in our from our perspective
498s it makes no sense for that to timeline
500s match up versus you know like having a
503s bunch of content creators who are you
505s know working with us but they don't have
506s content to share yeah and we have a we
508s have a pretty good budget that's been
510s allocated for marketing um trailers
513s we haven't even utilized any budget
516s towards marketing thus far and we've you
519s know from a Project's perspective
520s obviously we've garnered a lot of
522s attention because we have this
524s transparent process of development where
526s we keep you guys updated on a monthly
527s basis but as we grow closer to testing
530s events and launch where those marketing
533s dollars get a good return on ad spend
535s that's when we deploy those things
538s um and I think you're you're going to be
540s seeing just through the production
541s quality that you see that Margaret and
542s her team provide on the monthly Cadence
544s with our development updates that is
546s going to be met same course uh on the
549s marketing side oh for sure like we will
551s we'll be doing very cool things on and
554s obviously for us launch is going to be
555s really exciting especially for my team
557s because that's when community and
559s customer service and you know GMS and
562s things of that sort to have a little bit
564s more fun because we get to interact with
565s you guys and we also get to utilize
567s things that you're doing in game like
569s Steven was talking about those big
571s moments on servers where we get to
573s interact with them or maybe we'll have
574s like a news live stream where we work
576s with different people from all the
578s different servers to bring us
579s information like we're gonna do a lot of
582s cool fun things uh you know Guild
584s programs is something that we've talked
586s about in the past too which is you know
587s we want to bring guilds together and we
589s want information from them and if you've
591s seen stuff that I've done at previous
592s companies in regards to that you'll know
594s that that's a big I'm a big fan of that
596s stuff so
598s um we will have a lot of fun don't you
600s worry and when it comes to trailers and
602s videos we will have plenty of them right
605s now it doesn't make sense for us to make
606s a ton of videos because you know we're
607s in development we want to make sure that
609s we're not making too much content where
610s we have to keep up with stuff that
612s doesn't make sense while we're you know
613s especially when those things can change
615s yeah absolutely exactly and I know a lot
618s of people have asked like oh can you
619s make a video that's like what is ashes
621s of creation well we need to make that
623s game first so that we can make that
625s video but we need to go through the
627s iterative testing Loops which is where
629s the game can really change right that's
630s the very most important part is you know
633s we we have well-defined systems and
636s features that we've built thus far but
639s really how those features survive and in
641s the way they survive comes after the
644s testing environment and that testing
646s environment is most applicable with a
648s live audience so you know our efforts
650s our endeavors are always to work towards
651s that next live audience testing uh which
654s of course is Alpha two that we've made
655s some significant progress we've had some
657s pre-alpha two testing too make sure that
660s we're ready to open the floodgates
662s because Alpha 2 is a lot of players uh
664s whereas Alpha One was I mean it's a good
666s amount of players Alpha One was but we
668s want to kind of make sure that we're I
669s think our Alpha 2 has over a hundred
671s thousand people that have purchased into
673s it so it's a pretty significant testing
675s yeah obviously 30 000. I know now it's
678s obviously that explodes when we get
681s closer to Alpha 2 testing
684s um but yes so yeah a lot to be said
687s there but I know people are waiting I
689s want to see this tank thing yes so let's
691s go ahead and switch over that's where
693s we're at next uh we're just trying to
695s answer that question for you guys so
696s thank you so much
697s um and with that we'll swap over to the
699s tank of goodness so Stephen let's do a
702s little prefacing yeah before people
703s watch this hour-long video I apologize I
707s know I'm sorry so everyone is always
710s aware of this if you tune in but you
712s have to be partly the messenger for us
714s with the broader audience that isn't as
717s engaged that is a responsibility of not
719s just us but also you guys as our loyal
722s loving amazing beautiful glorious
724s followers uh who are waiting for this
727s product to sit in your hands
729s um it's helpful if you guys comment that
732s this is a work in progress art is a work
734s in progress design is a work in Pro
736s progress all of this stuff is meant to
738s kind of show that progress towards the
741s end goal which is delivering this so
743s keep that in mind that's a report that
745s we've established with the community I
747s feel really comfortable with and because
749s of that you are going to see
751s in this recording
755s I had to use a few GM cheats I apologize
761s [Music]
762s I had to use some GM sheets specifically
765s because there was a particular item that
767s I needed to get that we died a few times
769s and we shouldn't have there was too many
771s creeps that we pulled we were under
773s manned in an area that was designed for
775s eight-man groups
777s um so you know there's just stuff that
779s happens and uh I just want to give you
781s that up front that there's a little bit
783s of of GM cheating if you see that please
786s take it with a grain of salt we feel
787s comfortable sharing that stuff with you
789s this isn't marketing oriented this is
791s development oriented so you guys are
793s getting to see development in its raw
795s format uh you know it is what it is so
799s with that being said you're gonna see
801s the tank archetype it's important to
803s remember the tank archetype this is uh I
805s think it's level 12 or level 13. um
808s there's you know a few abilities that
810s we're going to be going over the biggest
811s thing to take away here is November we
815s showed you a cleric live stream there
818s were three big points of feedback from
821s the community with regards to clear live
823s stream that related to combat that was
825s hit animation reactions from the NPCs
828s when they're being attacked it was hit
830s visual effects on impact from a weapon
832s when that uh when that weapon contacts
836s and making it feel substantive making it
838s visually apparent that you've made
840s contact with the Enemy and the last was
842s going to be the animations and the root
845s motions around the mace combat now Brian
848s Ferguson did a lot of work on fine
849s tuning up that uh maze combat I think it
851s looks great we took a lot of that
853s feedback a lot of people said it feels
855s good when they're playing oh it feels it
856s feels very connective and then
858s um uh Jim Matt and John did a lot of
861s work on the hit impact the effects with
863s Adam and Keenan supporting on the
865s directionality of those hit impacts and
867s then in addition uh with the animation
870s team Brad Constantine providing some
873s significant uh adaptation to the hit
877s reactions on the animation side with
879s these particular uh creatures that
881s you're going to see improvements on
882s where your point of feedback is most
885s applicable is on those three things but
887s in addition talking about the role the
889s functionality of the abilities you're
890s going to see you know what about the
892s tank have you enjoyed in previous games
894s uh that particular role and what do you
896s like what you see here there's some cool
898s Tech you're going to see involved in
900s this uh you're going to see some wind
901s Force actors that get applied to
903s abilities when dealing with the
904s surrounding foliage I think that's super
906s cool it really is immersive build yeah
910s lawnmower build how do you mow that
912s grass down with some explosions and
914s stuff it's super cool speaking of
915s lawnmowers I haven't heard you a lot
916s more in the background yet they it
918s happened in the morning
920s good they always do it every other
923s Friday we've made it we've made it
926s um you're gonna see some active blocking
928s as well now I know in the past we've
929s talked a little bit about how active
930s blocking as a mechanic might leverage a
932s separate energy mechanic called stamina
934s we haven't yet really nailed that down
936s yet if we're going to go that route or
938s if we're going to have active blocking
939s consume Mana based on mitigated
942s additional mitigated damage and if it
944s does consume mana and that's across all
947s classes some classes will have the
949s ability to spec into passive skill trees
951s that might reduce the cost of that Mana
953s down to very very small when active
955s blocking so it's geared towards certain
957s types of
959s um certain types of uh archetypes so
962s with that being said you're gonna oh one
965s other thing audio levels might be a
967s little high with combat and voices
969s that's an issue we're going to have
971s fixed the next time we do some
972s development live streams by separating
974s out the new equipment for Steven so yeah
977s it'll make it so my team can edit a
979s little bit easier absolutely because
980s right that's like the audio and then and
983s the gameplay are mixed together so we
984s can't really edit that as easy yeah so
986s just be aware of that but without
988s further Ado we would like to show you
991s the first look at the Alpha 2 tank work
995s in progress archetype enjoy
998s [Music]
1024s hello everyone and welcome to another
1029s ashes of creation update today we are
1033s going to be sharing with you
1035s a preview of the Alpha 2 tank archetype
1039s now I want you guys to keep in mind as
1041s you're watching this preview that
1043s everything is still subject to change
1044s especially considering that the Alpha 2
1046s is going to give us a lot of feedback
1048s both from the players as well as data
1051s driven that we're going to utilize in
1053s order to
1054s um to improve the design features but
1057s your feedback from this video is very
1059s important and I am joined today by three
1062s of our absolute glorious developers uh
1065s one of our Engineers with whom you've
1067s spoken with in the past Keenan how you
1068s doing buddy
1070s I'm doing great thanks for asking
1072s welcome back again
1074s we are here at it again uh for those of
1076s you who watched by the way on the live
1078s stream you saw a previous iteration of
1080s this recording we're doing a little bit
1081s of re-recording uh because there were
1083s some audio issues um and also I just
1084s wanted to give a little bit more
1085s in-depth detail around the specific
1087s abilities
1088s um the area that we're fighting in and
1090s and the encounter design but also we
1092s have with us two of our glorious senior
1094s designers uh Brian and trout how you
1096s guys doing
1097s doing great happy to be here
1100s yep let's do it again ready to well we
1102s got a lot of practice on this by now yes
1104s let's do it again you know what we're
1106s gonna do we are going to perform
1109s flawlessly there's not going to be any
1111s edits here we're not going to use some
1113s GM Powers we better do this good I'm not
1117s taking the heat for this I know
1119s um okay so before we get started first
1121s let's talk about the area that we're in
1123s this is the riverlands as many of you
1126s know the riverlands is one of the
1127s predominant areas in Alpha 2 that
1129s players will be exploring uh this was
1131s home to the once ancient uh Alien Empire
1135s a human race uh nation that was formed
1137s at the Apex of Vera before the fall and
1141s we are here to collect some gear I
1144s believe that I am looking for the
1146s remaining pieces of the Titan bark set
1148s is that right Brian
1150s yes
1152s awesome and and also there's a a weapon
1156s in the shield okay so the weapon and the
1158s shield are gonna show us a little bit of
1160s the iteration that you've been working
1161s on since our last live stream with the
1164s cleric update uh specifically around the
1167s attack animations and root motion uh for
1169s the mace and shield is that correct
1171s yeah and it not just me but also the
1174s Glorious animators and FX artists uh
1177s Meadow and Myers on the animation side
1179s have been a pleasure to work with on
1181s this iteration over the past month
1184s um yeah we uh we we all knew that the
1186s base was was in the kind of rough first
1188s state in the cleric live stream but um
1190s you know took another look at it and we
1192s focused more on pose holds and quick
1195s Transitions and an overall satisfying
1197s Cadence and I think the end result is is
1200s uh pretty good and it matches with the
1203s great sword it's in kind of the same
1204s universe and I think we're starting to
1206s find our rhythm with weapon creation and
1207s it should be pretty straightforward from
1209s here absolutely and a lot of that
1210s feedback from the community was with
1212s regards to the animation hit reactions
1214s from the enemy NPCs as well as the hit
1217s effects on weapon impact to make it feel
1219s a little bit more substantive and
1220s connected which I think the VFX team and
1223s the animation team has done great jobs
1224s on both of those fronts
1226s um and then let me talk a little bit
1228s about the setting so uh in the
1230s riverlands here what our objectives are
1232s you'll see a little bit of update here
1235s on the UI so we're taking a look at our
1238s new Quest journal the area that we're in
1241s we're going to be heading towards is
1242s called the Oaken Bane keep and the open
1245s main keep is
1247s um once Military Academy before the fall
1250s of the of the island Empire during The
1252s Exodus and it was used to kind of train
1254s up recruits but now those recruits and
1257s perhaps some of their teachers might be
1260s haunting that location and we need to
1262s take care of them and dispatch them with
1264s haste you'll see some of the updates on
1266s the item itemization and the inventory
1269s I'm here with some of the tool tips and
1273s icons and also you'll see a little bit
1275s of the update to the world map which is
1277s still a work in progress everything
1278s you're going to see here as I said is a
1281s work in progress that is deserving of
1283s your attention and feedback so that we
1285s can make more iterations and of course
1287s make it better so with that being said
1289s let's do a quick kind of run through
1291s through of the abilities I don't want to
1293s get necessarily engaged with um with any
1296s enemies so I'm just going to kind of use
1298s the abilities without an enemy kind of
1300s in my uh targeting let's talk about this
1303s first one we have a shield assault now
1306s does this require a shield in order to
1309s use
1311s I would hope so it's the name yes
1313s absolutely now of course I have the
1315s ability because of of the um of the GM
1319s uh cheats a little bit to use that
1322s ability without the shield but I'm not
1323s going to for the purposes of this
1325s demonstration but tell me a little bit
1327s about the shield assault what is its
1329s intent as an ability
1331s um
1332s guys yeah yeah
1334s um so it's got a few things going on
1335s with it uh I would say the primary
1337s intent of it is that it is uh how you
1341s engage and encounter
1343s um it's got a bit of a Mobility it's not
1344s like a super far charge like that
1346s carries you across the screen or
1347s anything but yeah there you go
1350s um but it's basically a way to engage
1352s with the Enemy get some damage out and
1353s also grab some threat
1355s um it applies a pretty good chunk of
1357s threat in a small area in front of you
1359s so it's really good at grabbing snap
1361s thread on like some high priority Target
1362s and it looks like that this has a
1365s variable distance that's traveled so
1366s essentially like if I have a Target
1368s that's directly in front of me right now
1369s it's not predicated on having an actual
1371s Target but it is a templated attack and
1374s if that Target is immediately in front
1375s of me then the distance traveled will be
1377s shorter is that correct exactly and
1379s you'll see some of that when we're
1380s actually in action right now you're
1381s seeing the full distance it's again a
1383s pretty short range Mobility skill but
1386s um yeah you can also just use it point
1388s blank on something and it's not going to
1389s make you overshoot the Target and then
1391s you have to like revisit position
1392s because that can be kind of annoying
1393s with some of those skill types awesome
1395s and you said that this generates that
1396s but I see we have a second ability as
1398s well called inciting strikes
1400s and if I use that ability that's a
1403s forward cone AOE attack that generates
1405s additional threat and damage on targets
1407s impacted is that correct exactly that
1409s one's a bit more effective at AOE threat
1411s so um it's got a bit of a wider hitbox
1414s good for grabbing you know multiple
1416s targets and cleaving them all so that'll
1418s be what you'll be using IF like there's
1420s a pack of stuff on us and you want to
1421s just get them all off of us but not as
1424s not quite as much threat as the um
1427s Shield assault for one target so each of
1429s them kind of has their utility there for
1430s aggro awesome now obviously as part of
1433s our kit design we want to encourage
1434s synergies especially within inner kit um
1437s uh uh
1439s Synergy but also with the party and I
1442s see that we have two abilities
1443s specifically Shield assault as well as
1445s tremoring Bellow and tremoring Bellow
1448s applies a status condition that can be
1451s promoted if there is an existing status
1453s condition on the target so it looks like
1456s uh I can create the shaken condition and
1460s then I can trip trip shaken targets uh
1463s with the tremoring Bella is that correct
1466s um it's actually a snare uh so if if you
1468s use that on a snare Target
1470s um so there's two components to that
1471s ability it's got a shout component just
1473s four cone
1475s um and then it's all yeah as you can
1476s kind of see there that that shock wave
1478s that flew out and it kind of extends
1480s past the second element of that which is
1482s a pboe around
1484s um uh Steam and if you if you use that
1486s ability again you'll see kind of like
1488s the ground kick up and that's like the
1490s earthquake elements of it
1492s um and that does damage and that's that
1495s does what um Stephen was alluding to
1497s where if your target is snare then it
1499s will knock enemies down which is uh our
1502s trip effect and one thing I forgot to
1504s mention on the shield assault abilities
1505s it does apply a snare so you've got a
1507s little bit of insert Synergy going on
1509s there it's a pretty satisfying combo to
1511s like charge in and knock them down with
1513s the stop yeah it looks it looks pretty
1515s good
1516s um and then also after that we have
1519s another ability Brian talk to me a
1520s little bit about grit and its purpose
1523s yeah grit is some of your bread and
1525s butter mitigation skills as as a tank so
1528s if you're really getting some heat
1530s you'll want to pop that
1533s um and if you haven't had it on for a
1535s bit you're going to be generating stacks
1537s of Courage and the more sex of Courage
1540s you have that that'll give you increased
1542s damage mitigation for a certain number
1545s of hits and I noticed that I'm slowed
1547s when I used grit so really it's a very
1549s situational ability usage uh depending
1552s on you know what type of situation you
1554s find yourself in also this
1557s Um this can be activated mid-swing and
1560s another ability right
1561s yep um the way I always refer to this
1564s ability is you can think of it kind of
1566s like an off gcd ability uh where you can
1569s use it even though you have another
1572s ability activating so that it's really
1573s responsive and can be popped in like an
1575s emergency you don't have to wait for
1577s that animation to complete or the for
1579s that Global cooldown to finish you just
1580s pop it in instantly it applies on and
1583s off and it's toggled ability so you can
1584s turn it on and off at your
1587s disclosure nice very cool and I see this
1591s Aegis is causing
1593s um essentially a area of effect that our
1597s party members can live within and if
1600s they do I'm absorbing a portion of their
1603s damage taken pre-mitigation is that
1606s correct as well Keenan
1609s yeah that's right
1611s um it Forks the sum percentage of the
1614s incoming hit uh and applies it to your
1616s mitigation not the party members nice
1618s very cool very cool all right well this
1621s kind of gives you guys a comprehensive
1622s overview I'm sorry in addition to that
1624s we have a grapple but that will require
1625s a Target
1627s um and the grapple is missing some of
1628s the effects as I said work in progress
1630s but we can still use it in order to kind
1633s of do certain types of engagements
1635s um so with that quick kind of
1637s demonstration to these abilities let's
1639s see what we can do to acquire that Mason
1641s shield and also to
1644s um to test our test our capabilities as
1647s a party how cohesive can we be
1651s um so I would ask given that we're low
1652s level and just so you guys are aware
1654s because we're lower level we're about
1655s level 15. our access to our class kit is
1659s a bit limited as you would expect you
1660s want to have that ramp and kind of class
1662s progression and as a result I'm going to
1664s ask because we have such strong DPS
1666s users here in the uh in the fighter and
1669s in the ranger that you give me a moment
1671s with the larger monsters to establish
1674s kind of a uh a bit of a bit of threat
1677s but let me pull this guy to us it does
1680s not compute does not come dude
1689s [Music]
1691s oh yeah okay
1693s it's feeling good
1695s I love the little stream the Ambient
1698s sound effects that Kat has done
1702s and really good stream is really nice it
1704s puts us it makes me need to go to the
1705s bathroom I'm just kidding
1709s AFK BRB there we go got that knock down
1712s easy peasy lemon squeezy
1716s all right now as you guys will see these
1717s guys are a relatively uh easy to
1719s dispatch you probably saw them in our
1721s Ranger showcase these are some of the
1722s minotaurs that are out in the early
1724s parts of this Riverland area we're
1726s trying to reach the Oaken vein keep that
1728s is the location of our goodies and the
1731s quests that we have they deserved better
1733s probably referring to uh
1736s to the people that died there which is
1737s really sad to think about
1739s oh my God
1746s did she pulled that rain color in
1754s that works to smash his face
1759s easy
1762s what do we got up here looks like the
1764s destroyed boat what was a boat even
1766s doing here in the first place
1770s could have been a big flood probably
1775s so maybe we're in a drought
1781s nice I love the uh the effects on the
1786s staff
1787s and the uh their little bubble Shield
1792s yeah these minotaurs are awesome looking
1793s yeah they are I like their size just the
1796s general size all right looks like we got
1797s somebody over here to the right
1799s let me see if I can pull that guy as
1801s well
1803s and these are more seriously tuned for
1805s all right get behind me
1811s yeah these guys are more tuned towards
1813s that group now this is intended
1815s for a full loop of course we are a party
1818s of four and I am losing a bit of aggro
1822s on this guy there we go got him back
1826s him down to the ground
1832s a little bit more dupes
1835s can see
1837s I could probably avoid that other guy
1839s over there
1841s let me grab this Echo
1843s oh he's coming toward us oh
1848s all right got a boat we're good
1857s we have this other one I'm gonna
1858s activate some shield for us
1864s oh
1866s oh coming down no Amanda oh whoa no
1874s flawless
1877s as long as the party up and the party
1879s time okay
1884s let me see here
1889s we are okay let's get our oh where did
1892s you guys go
1893s work hiding uh I think they're leashing
1895s now okay okay let's open this I see um
1899s before GM Ferguson is here
1904s and get him up
1906s let's just avoid the guys to the right
1908s real quick
1909s yeah they keep patrolled over as you
1912s removed
1914s all right oh there's one up there too
1917s let's pull him back here let's pull him
1918s back
1924s all right I got the boss
1930s foreign
1957s I like the uh
1961s I feel like it was just pretty strong
1964s damage mitigation from the grip
1969s yeah especially if he builds up a bit of
1971s Courage beforehand
1974s [Music]
1977s is there no count Mana
1981s down almost
1983s [Music]
1984s this guy should have a mace for me right
1987s yep ooh he's got the hammer of Corin
1990s okay
1991s looks like it has some physical
1993s penetration of course these stats you'll
1995s see here are not the final step by
1998s reveal that just yet but let me see if I
2001s can oh okay so
2003s in the group loot obviously there's a
2006s lot of functionality here that parties
2007s have the ability to customize there can
2009s be
2010s loot Master there can be round robin
2012s there can be need greed pass that's
2014s applied on on a per Rarity basis uh
2018s depending on the
2019s little party's choices
2021s some materials and now I should have the
2025s ability to use
2027s so the Lark of Indica Shield that's not
2029s the shield I'm looking for I'm trying to
2030s get a tower Shield but in the meantime I
2034s can use uh this Shield which works I
2038s think but it's not going to be as good
2040s as the tower Shield but it'll help so
2042s now let me see what happens when I use
2044s my shield Rush with this nice oh that
2048s felt very cool
2054s [Music]
2059s all right stay on me little Echo little
2063s baby Echo
2070s not too bad here
2073s so talk to me a little bit about kind of
2076s um some of the differences that we had
2077s between the tank archetype and Alpha One
2080s and the uh tank archetype that we will
2083s be having in Alpha 2.
2085s yeah I could speak to that a bit
2087s um so for those of you that were part of
2090s alpha one where I've seen some of that
2092s footage you might have noticed that the
2094s tank felt very much
2096s or like an offensive melee type you
2099s would something you'd almost expect more
2100s from a fighter
2102s um and part of that is because we were
2104s we didn't really have any other
2105s archetypes at that time to fill that
2107s role
2108s um so you're gonna notice a lot more
2110s uh defense and control and threat
2113s mechanics on this version of the tank
2116s that you didn't necessarily see as much
2118s of
2119s um prior
2120s um so you know as we've kind of already
2121s gone over a lot of the building
2123s mechanics you've probably already
2124s noticed that you've got a lot more
2126s reliable mechanics that you can use
2129s pretty frequently to defend your party
2131s and also defend yourself
2135s and and what is the type of tank wall
2138s we're looking to achieve with this
2140s particular class fantasy this class kit
2142s that we have
2144s um I would say we're you know ashes of
2146s creation sync will be a pretty classic
2147s one one that you know tank players are
2151s uh familiar with and I think that's
2153s that's what people want we don't need to
2155s necessarily redefine what the tank is
2157s but I think we can improve it
2159s um you know there's some things that
2162s obviously you'll have your
2165s um expected mechanics like threat
2167s management and generation
2169s mitigation control Battlefield control
2173s CC effects but then you know we'd also
2176s like to see more direct ways of
2178s protecting your party members too
2179s exploring just like
2181s um Aegis uh that's just to be you know
2184s scratching the surface of that kind of
2186s thing but being able to actually
2187s actively take damage for your allies
2190s that isn't just manipulating the AI is
2193s another thing about tanks that
2195s um I think a lot of people deal with
2197s other games is they're they're pretty
2199s bad in pbq like when fret is removed
2203s from the equation why what am I doing as
2206s a tank when players just ignore me so we
2208s want to offer more direct mechanics that
2211s of course even players or encouraged
2213s players to attack the tank to make it so
2214s that the tank can't protect their allies
2217s against you
2218s [Music]
2223s know traditionally I like playing a
2225s combination of tank dealer
2227s I mean I've also played of course
2232s but I like the role of kind of the
2235s control aspect the mitigation the kind
2237s of protective nature the ability to kind
2240s of Route enemies in a fashion that is
2242s most conducive to the engagement of the
2244s encounter that's what I really like here
2246s so as you can see we're making a good
2250s progress here a lot better than the
2252s first round
2255s [Music]
2256s once we get up here I want to showcase a
2258s little bit of the wind actors on this
2260s grass that you guys kind of see around
2262s us
2265s [Music]
2273s see these guys are pieces of cake we're
2276s doing better we're doing better in small
2277s numbers and small numbers yeah that's
2279s true we're gonna have some uh challenge
2281s ahead of us because this is a very
2283s intense area of these enemies and we're
2285s not careful with the positioning we
2287s could end up with a big fight
2290s dude
2294s come over here buddy boy
2299s [Music]
2303s see sometimes when I like to play
2307s from a showcase perspective I do so in
2311s the realm of like a new player
2314s Persona wise
2315s [Laughter]
2316s [Music]
2318s um of course of course but of course I
2321s see I'm ticking for 50. I don't know
2323s what that ticking for 50 is
2326s uh sit for Mana if you all need it yeah
2328s like it was I think um
2331s communal restoration or something
2332s applies a hot oh yeah yeah let me sit
2335s down no that's cool oh you're right
2337s cleansing life take a seat and get some
2339s restorative Mana so you guys are gonna
2342s see here ahead of us this is a pretty
2345s um grassy area
2348s um it's a beautiful area I'm liking it
2350s but I want to showcase a little bit of
2352s how abilities interact
2355s um with the grass and with the foliage
2357s so you'll remember that we have that
2359s kind of forward shout and watch what
2361s happens when I use it here
2363s boom Oh it's like a heart shape it's
2366s like a heart-shaped little AOE of anger
2370s and Malice
2372s I think that's a really cool Touch of
2374s just like visual Tech that a lot of a
2376s lot of games have been we explored
2379s absolutely makes me feel like grounded
2380s in the world yeah I agree it it's very
2384s immersive
2385s um I would like to kind of move in this
2386s Direction guys kind of if you want to
2388s stay close to me
2390s let's see what we can accomplish here
2393s moving over this way
2397s grab
2398s um this guy over here
2403s sit down
2406s let me know if you see any Targets
2409s moving towards us
2415s foreign
2419s [Music]
2428s stay close
2431s and I'm gonna pull this guy over real
2433s quick
2436s there we go
2440s [Music]
2444s but he is on
2448s Japanese
2450s okay that's okay just stay near me if
2453s you can
2454s she peels on me I got Shield up
2456s let's focus down that one Target
2458s Target's dead we'll switch over
2461s [Music]
2465s on me
2474s [Music]
2475s knocking down
2477s all right good good good now this is a
2480s pretty dense area that's a problem
2484s um
2485s let me see let's try to let me try to
2486s pull this guy one at a time hold on let
2489s me get people close if you can to me all
2492s right here we go
2495s [Music]
2500s Focus
2506s grip
2511s nicely done nicely done let's grab this
2514s guy right here
2524s nice
2534s I love the effects on these guys and the
2536s animation did a great job
2538s as well
2544s all right let's move up over to this
2546s Rock area I need to sit real quick if we
2549s can sit before the respawn occurs
2552s just grab some yeah
2557s it's a beautiful Zone
2559s Serene I know I couldn't even hear the
2562s sound of the birds there's so many
2564s ghosts and shades in this area it's kind
2566s of sad now I believe in this particular
2570s um
2571s uh oakenbag open Bane keep area there
2575s used to be these old magnificent kind of
2578s essence ridden trees but they were all
2581s harvested to produce kind of magical
2583s artifact
2586s uh artifacty uh items and now only one
2589s remains which Lord oakenbane himself
2591s guards
2593s all right I think I'm good let me grab
2594s this guy here I'm just gonna body pull
2596s them come on buddy
2611s guys finish him off I'm gonna grab the
2613s next one
2620s okay we've got the boss as well I'm
2622s gonna activate my grip
2624s uh try to focus the little dude first
2632s I'm gonna try to knock the boss down
2636s I'm gonna put up a shield just in case
2638s you need it
2643s coming back up coming back up
2648s knock them down now
2651s trying to drop some aggro
2656s [Music]
2663s trying to get him off
2670s boom
2683s not bad only one death yeah that wasn't
2685s too bad it wasn't too bad we got a tower
2688s shield now
2689s I need that of course as the tank
2694s you get all the whip this wrong yay it
2696s is the tank showcase it's a tank run all
2698s right let me put on this glorious Tower
2701s shield and let me compare it actually if
2703s we oh I can't compare it
2706s oh there we go I'm loving it attack that
2709s is a true Tower shield now I'm of course
2711s to having like a medium-sized Tower
2713s Shield as a dwarf in most tabletop RPGs
2715s that I play
2716s um so that I just have complete cover
2717s against my enemies
2720s foreign
2721s but uh this isn't bad either I like it
2723s it's very very polished
2726s the metal
2727s mm-hmm yeah it fits with the
2730s the armor from this area
2734s [Music]
2741s oh we have how many more bosses there
2744s because we have a couple of leggings and
2746s our chest piece now we've really in that
2748s live stream did not perform well against
2750s the main boss dude but again this is an
2754s area intended for eight people with with
2756s pots and you know other supplies that we
2760s don't necessarily have access to I'm
2763s gonna knock them down into one
2767s thank you
2768s yeah like a lot of other classic
2770s inspired MMOs like you can still do it
2773s with lower numbers it's just gonna take
2775s a while you gotta be more careful yeah
2777s and tell me a little bit about kind of
2779s you know our decisions around allowing
2781s kind of content to get experienced by
2783s lower level players what type of
2785s safeguards do we put from you know power
2788s leveling or twinking obviously we adjust
2791s experience based on level differential
2795s between the target
2797s um enemy and the group
2800s um how do we kind of do that
2804s obviously we take the difference in the
2807s party max level and the party's lowest
2809s level and those things
2812s um Can indicate uh the modifier that is
2816s applied to incoming experience based on
2817s the number of participants within that
2819s party
2820s um and those help Safeguard those things
2831s yeah
2833s and in addition to that we also have
2836s experience bonus for grouping up that's
2838s pretty cool
2841s higher and higher the more people you
2843s have in your group to really encourage
2844s those full groups yes
2848s and obviously the way that we kind of
2849s design the encounter for these types of
2853s areas is that certain monsters will have
2855s certain types of strengths and
2857s weaknesses those of course will
2859s correlate to certain types of class kits
2861s so some areas might be more beneficial
2862s for you to kind of expand versus others
2865s and a big role in that non-solo gameplay
2867s of course is going to be group
2868s composition right
2870s yeah that's that's one thing I I really
2873s love about our diverse class kits that
2875s we have available to us and Ashes is the
2877s diverse content that comes along with
2879s that right like for an optimal group for
2881s one area might involve you know three or
2884s four range DPS but another area you
2885s might want to Stack Fighters for all
2887s their CC that they can bring so
2890s different groups for different areas
2899s thank you
2902s easy
2906s how far oh we have to go just up this
2908s way right just up here and around the
2910s hill he's on some ruins
2918s come on over here buddy come on come on
2922s hey Chad can you change the loot rules
2925s to drop the Rarity from what it's set
2928s right now like one level
2930s so the greens are rollable
2934s where do I do that
2936s uh options party settings
2941s hold up Stephen all right
2944s stand by Tank
2946s I'm saying what uh need agreed
2950s yeah yeah
2952s so all right I've comment and uncommon
2954s neither agree
2956s it's party
2958s so powerful so strong so diverse
2963s oh voting change huh what do we got here
2968s um I will accept
2970s that except
2975s all right let's see here
2978s I I really love that system by the way
2982s um the voting to accept loot change
2983s rules oh you don't like the ninja party
2985s loot change
2987s you'd have to trust your group leader I
2990s know you mean reputation right like hey
2993s I was in this group and a ninja changed
2995s a loot right before the boss go
2997s that guy's on our Kos list it creates
3000s conflict it's a good thing it's soft
3001s friction
3004s it's gonna be funny whenever they try to
3005s do that in our game and then the boat
3007s window pops up
3009s [Music]
3012s I love the lightning attack on this guy
3017s oh whoops guys I ought I accidentally
3019s like went into my settings and changed
3021s some very deep stuff whoops oh no whoops
3025s totally an accident I have no clue and
3028s it just happened before this legendary
3030s drop I don't know how that was possible
3033s foreign
3035s ers
3040s I don't know this kind of impacts on my
3042s Ranger fantasy
3044s really
3046s I'm not sure all about like nature and
3048s being one
3050s oh yeah yeah but also loot oh but also I
3053s think that's the road
3057s definitely Rangers I feel like Rangers
3059s and robes sometimes
3062s just arranged Road
3065s pretty much
3068s now to me sometimes the ranger is always
3070s the first that's like huh this
3073s engagement isn't looking so hot let me
3074s uh use the advantage I already have from
3076s a distance to kind of leave here okay
3078s hold on I'm gonna grab this guy
3080s like he's about to do now
3082s yeah no no no no no this isn't a
3085s dangerous situation
3090s look it's survival of the furthest
3092s nice nice
3095s I like that survival of the furthest
3101s all right let's go kill this guy over
3104s here first I think he has the leggings
3105s yeah
3108s this guy get over here
3116s I do like like the old school feel of
3119s carefully navigating for the space
3122s not to pull too many things at once oh
3125s yeah I'm not about that lawnmower combat
3127s at all yeah Jeremy Doug and their teams
3131s did a really good job on the encounters
3132s here
3133s yeah that can be a problem when you move
3136s into an area and it's just like
3137s overwhelmingly dense and sometimes those
3140s areas you like are happy if there's
3142s other parties that are nearby and you're
3144s like okay cool you're keeping the spawn
3145s rate down for me a little bit oh we got
3147s somebody oh God let me see if I can
3149s actively block that boom what's up buddy
3152s what's up nice let's go again skills
3157s I'm just going to take that one I need
3160s some Mana I want to get him to shoot me
3162s again boom I'd like to explore like a
3165s perfect block thing where if you time it
3167s perfectly you get an additional bonus oh
3169s that would be great like a kind of
3171s almost Gears of worry where you have
3173s that active reload
3174s the engineer in me is now crying
3176s [Music]
3179s we'll be we'll have to be somewhat a
3180s little forgiving but like uh I've been
3182s playing valheim Wayland it's really fun
3184s to do their perfect Vlog I'm feeling it
3187s I'm feeling that block as soon and it's
3189s just so good with the sound effects that
3190s are associated the cat did on that bolt
3192s oh it feels so good
3194s okay it looks like we're grabbing two
3195s let me get Agra on the boss first I'm
3197s gonna need some heals
3199s yeah you guys Focus
3202s I'm just gonna build up hate here on the
3204s bus you guys focused on that ad
3208s foreign
3212s active and I have my active block you
3215s just keep Keenan alive he looks like
3216s he's taking some damage working on it
3220s he's almost down
3230s crew peel coming up
3233s oh damn
3236s the arborist historia
3241s oops
3245s let me pull them over here a little bit
3247s come on over buddy
3249s come on
3251s come to me group deal coming up again
3253s pulling him
3261s [Music]
3263s let's go let's go
3265s [Music]
3269s easy
3271s thank you
3272s nice what has he got Titan bark leggings
3276s sweet we're almost there
3278s I need that of course
3284s all right we handled that guy with ease
3286s maybe we'll be okay with the Lord
3287s oakenbane
3289s I think it's we just you know clear
3290s carefully we'll be fine all right let's
3292s keep on clearing I'm gonna pull I'm
3294s gonna pull the left side first
3298s stand by stand by
3300s I would pull him like back over here
3302s because he'll have mobs on both sides of
3304s you dude yeah let's go over here
3306s actually let's go to the right
3308s oh man I don't know if I can I think
3310s they're socially aggro if I I'm gonna
3312s wander's nests no I'm just hoping I'm
3315s not gonna I'm hoping I would do it now
3317s because the other one's patrolling away
3318s there we go okay oh God we got three
3320s okay just stand behind me stand behind
3322s me let me Build It Up
3323s don't go yet
3327s don't go yet hold on all right you guys
3331s can go now Focus one target
3337s putting a shield up
3342s I don't think we want to stand in there
3344s because then we just get hit by Cleaves
3348s knocking
3351s oh yeah
3352s one on me keep yourself up I'm okay for
3355s a little bit
3359s [Music]
3362s okay
3365s I'm
3366s down all right
3370s just get yourself back up
3373s get up get up
3380s there we go there we go
3385s there's another one near you yeah don't
3388s back up any further yeah
3396s all right we got him that's a ruffle
3399s yeah three of those guys that's a lot
3402s for a party of four
3408s did you hear that
3411s of course the ranger would say that
3413s [Music]
3414s I'm still alive
3420s I'm gonna Focus the echo
3425s now we've talked about this in the past
3427s but um the act of blocking
3430s might be an ability
3433s that uh it's a universe of course it's
3436s Universal but it might be a consuming
3437s mana and you'll be able to adjust that
3439s Mana consumption based off of your
3441s passive spec uh into your skill trees in
3445s addition it might also consume stamina
3447s or that's something we're going to be
3448s testing as part of alpha tooth sorry but
3450s sometimes when I talk anymore
3459s all right let's move up
3463s should we go up to the left yeah uh yeah
3466s let's go up to the second at the top
3467s yeah let's take this guy
3473s [Music]
3485s I'm gonna have to get some Nana after
3488s this
3489s [Music]
3495s all right maybe we can just sit right
3497s here for a second just looking down oh
3500s there's the tree
3503s the tree
3505s to all its Glory
3508s before
3509s [Music]
3515s [Music]
3517s area I wonder what kind of wood it gives
3522s it's a good question
3524s there's only one left and you want to
3527s chop it down
3528s I feel like I'm having are we having an
3531s earthquake
3532s like my table's moving
3535s no I think we're good time to get some
3537s sleep Stephen I know right oh my God
3539s time for all of us I know all right I'm
3542s gonna pull this guy up here and stand by
3549s [Music]
3557s yeah we're doing good there you guys
3560s keep focusing him grab this next dude
3564s foreign
3573s [Music]
3577s very dangerously close to a resident on
3579s the left
3580s all right
3583s moving away feels good
3586s [Music]
3590s it's perfect
3592s all right so after that guy
3596s I think we should clear all three of
3598s these to be honest
3600s yeah
3601s what's the angle on the pole don't want
3603s to pull in front of oh campaign
3605s he does a big AOE so we're gonna have to
3607s spread out and then we're gonna aggro we
3609s do that okay we have one behind us right
3611s here stand right here on me in this
3613s position don't don't deviate from this
3615s one hold here
3616s and then let me see if I can grab this
3619s Echo first
3622s um
3623s and if I can here we go I'm gonna grab
3628s the bus you guys kill the echo yeah
3631s take the boss back to his room
3633s okay stand by can't attack that boss all
3636s right good
3643s oh God it hurts it hurts
3649s all right I got the boss on the ground
3651s keep cleaning up oh God Ryan
3655s I'm holding the Box can't keep up with
3658s that okay I'm good ignore me now oh man
3661s oh so close I'm gonna knock him down
3664s all right good good good we're good
3666s dropping a chains
3669s nice
3671s [Music]
3678s knocking him
3681s all right holding aggro
3685s I'm gonna pull him inside of his
3687s Mausoleum where he should be laid to
3689s rest appropriately
3691s come here follow me into your final
3696s resting place Lord Oaken Bay
3699s oh he didn't like that
3702s oh he's going to sleep
3705s just go to sleep go to sleep do it
3709s rest what's happening
3713s I commit you to the ground Lord
3716s oakenbane
3720s well done ladies and gentlemen it's a
3723s good fight that was good I'm grabbing my
3726s need on the Titan bark chest plate
3730s and then now it is time to reveal the
3734s glory of our Pursuits
3737s I am going to equip said
3742s things
3752s [Music]
3756s oh it looks so good
3758s oh yeah it looks so glorious jelly so
3763s sorry our team's so good I know the art
3766s team is unbelievable I mean really
3768s they're just so good
3770s well everyone I hope you guys enjoyed
3773s this brief demonstration of our Alpha 2
3777s preview for the tank archetype of course
3779s as we said this is all a work in
3781s progress there are many things that will
3783s change testing is very important your
3785s feedback is incredibly important please
3787s make sure that you leave all commentary
3789s possible within the YouTube video on our
3792s Forums on our Reddit on Twitter
3793s everywhere possible we always take that
3796s stuff very seriously and we iterate upon
3798s it as you've seen between November's
3799s live stream and this month's live stream
3801s I hope you all enjoyed it
3804s um Keenan Trad Brian thank you very much
3806s for joining us and we will see you all
3809s next time
3811s here's me everyone
3813s here's
3825s well we hope that you guys enjoyed that
3828s we will have some of that video playing
3830s in the background
3832s um I know that there's a lot of
3833s questions I tried to grab some of them
3836s as best I could
3838s um but of course uh we won't get to
3841s everything today uh but you know if you
3844s have any other questions for us or if
3845s you have thoughts which I see a lot of
3847s thoughts from y'all we have a couple
3849s threads up one regarding tanking and one
3852s regarding uh like UI and looting so if
3854s you have thoughts on those things
3855s definitely go give us a feedback over on
3857s our forums forums.ashes of creation.com
3859s we super duper appreciate we put a lot
3861s of reports together for our developers
3863s and then we present those and we discuss
3865s them and a lot of the times we're all on
3867s the same page we're already thinking
3868s those things so I'm going to go through
3870s some of the things that you guys uh had
3872s questions about here which is first and
3874s foremost
3875s there were a lot of concerns about
3876s threat a lot of people didn't understand
3879s how holding threat works because you
3881s were holding threat at some point I know
3883s I know well it's important it's
3884s important to remember yeah that
3887s um these previews are done at a very low
3889s level right so these are these are low
3891s level skills and abilities that the
3893s archives have available to them
3895s um and so because of that some of the
3898s functionality from these abilities they
3901s don't necessarily perform as well as you
3903s would want them to in a later in a later
3906s stage of the game for that role
3908s excuse me
3910s um now also keep in mind that balance is
3913s a perspective that needs to be
3914s incorporated also so threat is generated
3917s based off of a few factors it's based
3919s off of damage done it's based off of
3921s healing done it's based off of
3924s um threat uh uh generation modifiers
3926s that are on abilities
3928s um now the the tank in this situation I
3931s believe has two abilities that are going
3933s to generate additional threat they have
3935s the um
3937s um the slicing the number two ability
3940s the uh and then they also have the um
3943s the shout ability both of those are are
3945s creating additional threat
3947s um but with that being said we need to
3949s tune probably those abilities up a
3951s little bit to contend with the DPS
3952s that's coming both from the Ranger and
3954s with the heels that are coming out of
3955s the um out of the cleric
3957s all right
3959s um and uh the next questions here are
3962s regards to blocking and dodging uh will
3965s all classes be able to have active
3966s blocking and then also can you active
3969s block without a shield because uh mostly
3971s we only saw you doing that when you got
3973s the shield afterwards
3975s yeah absolutely so um active block will
3978s not be as performant uh in mitigating
3981s the incoming damage with weapons that
3982s that aren't using a shield however you
3984s will be able to act a block with that
3985s currently as it stands in the design and
3988s then the other question about active
3989s block was I'm sorry it was
3992s um The Shield one and the other one was
3994s will all classes get active block so
3996s it's like can you act a block without a
3997s shield and then so you can act a block
3999s without a shield and all classes can act
4001s a block it's a universal ability at the
4004s moment
4004s and then are there iframes in Dodges
4007s when you're dodging
4009s um we aren't using iframes for dodging
4012s however we are toying with the idea of a
4015s Dodge increasing uh certain stats that
4018s are opposed checks uh such as accuracy
4021s versus evasion and potentially uh
4025s boosting mitigation depending on how the
4027s player might spec into certain passives
4029s that augment their Dodge ability
4032s and then there were a lot of questions
4034s regarding UI stuff but also yeah I'll
4038s start with the performance thing which
4040s was people were saying that it was
4041s really cool seeing the grass get knocked
4044s down and stuff like that but people are
4045s worried about like uh GPU drain and they
4048s were curious if they'll be able to
4049s toggle that off
4050s yeah so um there's a lot of bells and
4053s whistles that are intended um on the
4055s client rendering side uh for these types
4058s of
4059s um for these types of features uh that
4061s players will have the ability to scale
4063s up or down or off
4065s from a performance perspective and then
4067s you know I think people are wondering if
4069s this video is with uh UE uh UE 5.1
4073s because we've been talking about the
4075s fact that we are going to be swapping
4076s over to this right no our 5.1
4079s um is not scheduled to be complete until
4082s probably another week or two
4084s um we're moving over to that
4086s cool and then we have UI stuff which is
4090s will there be an auto loot option
4093s um a lot of people saw that you were
4094s manually looting things and they were
4096s curious if there would be an auto loot
4097s or they could have some kind of pet that
4099s would Auto Loop for them
4100s no not a pet that can Auto loot um
4103s however uh we are toying with the idea
4105s on the interact of double tapping or
4108s some other type of keystroke input that
4111s would not require you to interact with
4112s the loop container itself but would just
4114s grab everything off of it
4116s especially if there's multiple Loop
4117s piles within a proximity radius it would
4120s have to be very close proximity radius
4122s you could double tap to interact with
4123s all those and pull them in
4125s and then there are a lot of thoughts on
4127s the name plates and how it's kind of
4129s hard to tell mobs versus your party
4131s because everything was like red I know
4132s their nameplates aren't complete yet but
4134s I don't know if I want to talk a little
4135s bit about the direction of where that's
4136s headed yeah from so name plates really
4140s actually require a big refactor on our
4142s end that we haven't done yet
4144s um however that is something that uh
4146s Tech art and Engineering as well as our
4149s ux UI team are going to be doing over
4151s the course of probably the next month to
4153s month and a half
4155s um it's a big refactor both from
4157s performance reasons how we're going to
4158s be able to include those name plates uh
4160s within World obstacles and line of sight
4163s as well as prioritizing and clamping
4167s their sizes and distances
4169s um that need a bit of a refactor and of
4172s course their visual appearance
4174s um so that's that's work that's still
4175s outstanding and I think that kind of
4177s ties in line with being able to tell
4181s like whether an enemy is in a lead or
4182s not and also just kind of different
4185s types of mobs yeah that's General ux
4187s treatment of the name plates that's
4189s going to include which has already begun
4191s a little bit but is going to include as
4194s you said those indicators like
4195s resistances Buffs that are present
4198s whether they're Elite or not they'll
4200s have a probably a Star Format to
4202s indicate that uh with their hit point
4204s allocation there's a lot of treatments
4207s from a ux perspective that needs to be
4209s included in the artwork is there power
4211s level over 9000 that's the question
4212s right and then of course we have will
4217s bosses look different than regular mobs
4219s or is this kind of just a placeholder to
4221s show that hey you know the boss in this
4223s area is a little bigger than the other
4225s ones but they kind of look similar oh
4228s yeah so it kind of depends on the types
4230s of bosses we're talking about right we
4231s have Regional we have hunting ground we
4234s have Elites we have mini bosses we have
4237s dungeon bosses we have raid bosses
4239s there's a lot of different types of
4241s creature types and these in particular
4244s are more really Elite spawns for this
4247s location they're not really probably
4249s considered bosses because they can be
4251s handled by a single party but the rare
4253s spawns obviously have a longer uh
4255s respawn time and so sometimes you'll see
4257s that they're they're scaled up from a
4260s size perspective but most of the time
4262s you're going to see if it's a named mob
4264s that it's going to have a unique uh
4266s character appearance
4267s and then will there be range indicators
4270s for abilities so for instance like if I
4272s have ability that can be used within x
4275s amount of meters can I kind of see that
4278s as I'm using it versus uh you know just
4282s hitting it and then seeing that it does
4283s it
4286s um you mean from like uh
4289s like if I have a grapple that has like a
4292s range of 60 meters right can I see that
4295s distance more obvious it depends if it's
4298s a targeted ability the indicator uh when
4301s targeting uh will tell you grayed out or
4305s not that the ability can be used based
4306s on distance if it is a templated ability
4309s which means it's a skill kind of skill
4311s based to use you'll need to get a feel
4314s for those distances uh and that's kind
4316s of you know some skill based learning
4318s where you get an idea for for what those
4322s those distances are some of those will
4325s have template indicators but they'll be
4327s very
4328s um in world and immersive we're not
4331s utilizing uh you know more UI Centric
4334s looking indicators but generally the AOE
4338s templates are meant to be kind of skill
4340s based
4341s and then when it comes to tanking will
4344s it be primarily the tank archetypes that
4348s will be able to tank or can other people
4350s tank no I mean other people can tank it
4353s really depends on the setting right if
4356s we're talking like high in rating or
4359s dungeoneering and playing in these areas
4362s that require a main tank that role and
4364s responsibility lies to the tank
4366s archetype now tank archetypes can
4368s obviously take secondary archetype
4369s selections and they can hybridize across
4372s different roles that'll give them a bit
4374s of horizontal utility or horizontal
4376s progression to the augment system and
4380s the best tanks are going to be the the
4382s tanks that double down in that role but
4385s you know the the game here is agency
4387s player agency and providing that
4390s um you know kind of unique uh people
4393s want to use a wand and a shield Stephen
4395s right well again
4399s but yeah no it's a it's something that
4403s is intending to allow players have
4404s agency over that and for those of you
4407s wanting to hear more about augments and
4408s stuff we will be talking more about that
4410s in the future so stay tuned
4411s um and then also people are wondering
4413s about how are you designing encounters
4415s around active blocking will it be
4416s situational use or would I expect to be
4419s laying on my block keybind for most of
4422s the fight to prevent getting deleted by
4423s Bosses
4425s um kind of like they're wondering if the
4426s gameplay because obviously seeing the
4427s gameplay right now it's in its core Loop
4429s which is a little bit more simplistic
4430s absolutely you know yeah it it depends
4434s really on the type of adversary you're
4436s facing some of them are going to have
4438s indicators or tells that a big attack is
4441s coming it's an animation wind up where
4443s you'll have an opportunity to use uh
4446s active block and very unique situations
4448s that are based on timing and mitigate
4451s additional mitigation for those incoming
4453s one-off attacks in other occasions
4456s you'll be able to use it off of
4458s rotational cooldowns or if you're
4460s waiting for a particular ability or you
4462s know
4463s um you're during the use of of your
4466s Aegis right there's different situations
4469s for when active block is a relevant use
4472s case
4473s yeah and
4474s everyone development there's
4476s that will be changing along the way so
4477s if you follow the journey and if you've
4479s been following us so far you've probably
4481s seen some very strides in what we've
4483s done especially from Alpha One to moving
4486s towards our Alpha two but I think I'm
4488s going to wrap up the questions here I
4489s know there are some Forum questions that
4491s we'll do in the Q a section I just
4493s wanted to grab a few that were I noticed
4496s were pretty vocal in the chat yeah there
4498s were a lot of comments about Steven's
4499s gameplay
4500s so I do I do want to comment on that
4503s real quick though just so you guys are
4505s aware you know uh
4508s I do take a certain Persona when kind of
4511s showcasing this because again it is
4513s intended for an audience that's not core
4515s per se but as you know sometimes might
4517s be tuning in for the first time and
4519s seeing what the development of the game
4520s is all about and you know it's it's much
4522s more fun to be kind of a participant in
4525s that exploration rather than a recipient
4528s of knowledge and information if you're
4529s seeing it for the first time so there's
4531s a bit of duality in kind of that that
4533s streamer-esque Persona
4535s um however with that being said
4538s um what I want to do uh with this
4540s particular video is I want to upload a
4542s 4K version of it after the stream but
4545s I'm going to re-record it because of the
4546s audio issues that we had
4548s um and I'm going to be a bit more
4549s descriptive and definitive in the
4551s demonstration so that
4553s um you know we can try that and see see
4554s how that feels uh but I would say that
4556s that'll take probably a couple of a
4558s couple of hours or so all right
4561s um and we'll use some of our other
4562s equipment that we have now which is
4564s exciting
4565s um so with that we're gonna head on over
4567s to look at character goodies I always
4570s love the character art updates character
4573s uh updates
4575s um so first and foremost we have some
4577s really neat Cyclops goodies which
4581s um if you've been following along with
4583s us you've probably seen that we are
4585s going to be showcasing some Cyclops
4588s action and we've shown a little bit of
4591s the Cyclops over
4593s um
4593s the months if you've kind of go back and
4596s look but now we're showing you the
4598s weapons that are getting 3D modeled
4600s which looks very cool there's a variety
4602s of cyclopses
4604s cyclopsi cyclopsy
4606s what's the cyclopsis
4609s it's the plural the cyclop I
4613s uh but we have
4616s some really cool looking yeah those look
4618s great
4619s who modeled these these ones were
4621s modeled by a varieties so the spear is
4623s Chris and then Manny did the staff the
4626s mace and the short bow I love it looks
4628s great I wrote them down this time so I
4630s don't forget
4632s I was like Steven's gonna ask and I need
4634s to have the answer
4637s um next up we have the tank and Hammer
4640s that you saw
4642s for the tank and Hammer The Sword and
4644s Hammer that you saw the Tank Engine
4647s playing with the tank wow uh
4651s in all their Glory quite beautiful
4656s and then I got a little teaser for you
4658s teasing something that's coming up
4661s but this is called uh well it's like our
4663s Shield our Carfin Shield it's that's not
4665s the full name of it but that might tease
4667s a little bit of what might be coming
4669s um
4673s and Danny worked on this one looks great
4675s looks very good
4678s and then we've got you guys have seen
4680s the nadash uh being worked on
4683s um quite a bit
4684s um but this one is the enforcer model
4687s looking pretty cool
4689s and then we actually have the 3D
4691s turntable for the shaman which I believe
4694s we showed as the shaman
4696s um model in work in progress previously
4700s but now you're seeing love it the 3D one
4703s it's sick some snake people and then you
4707s also see their staff which
4709s is awesome
4711s I can't wait to see the animations for
4713s these oh yeah I loved seeing the
4716s animated armor today with like their
4718s little their lightning zap thing that
4719s ability looks so cool
4723s um and then we've got the Boulder Stone
4726s bulldog
4729s which ginsey worked on I love his little
4732s face I know he's like a ram and a doggo
4736s had a baby yeah and he's a mount
4740s he's a ball goat and ball goat ball Ram
4745s very cool
4749s and then we've got the oak Stout
4754s I can't wait to see the animations I
4757s know they're gonna be awesome
4762s it's utterly adorable
4765s um I know I'm the worst uh and then
4768s we've got Our Risen Guardian
4772s which is just disgustingly awesome
4775s that's nasty
4778s this is the the mount that you want to
4780s ride uh
4783s into battle to scare your enemies oh
4785s yeah it probably has a like a just an
4788s aura of Rotting Flesh you need to make
4790s some will saves or fortitude saves when
4792s you get near it imagine the stench
4796s this is where we need like
4798s smell-o-vision I'm just kidding and then
4801s we have some new stuff for you for vek
4804s hairstyles so brace yourselves
4807s um it's pretty awesome
4809s so we're going to start with the VEC
4811s this is a short hairstyle a little
4814s little knobbin
4815s love it
4817s so good
4824s I like the uh
4827s I like the second ponytail that's going
4829s forward
4830s then we've got
4831s the reverse ponytail the Mohawk plus
4835s some beard action nice
4839s did we uh did we grab some reference
4841s reference images from rifi I don't have
4845s some reference images but rifi does have
4849s a sick Mohawk he's one of our producers
4854s and then we've got the long beard
4860s which kind of reminds me of Zach's beard
4862s a little Zach yeah but like more scruffy
4868s and then you know we got a rep we gotta
4870s have the ladies so we have a short
4872s hairstyle
4873s for our back ladies
4876s we will have many many hairstyles homies
4879s so do not fret these are just a few
4881s we're showing for the back
4886s and I think this next one's my favorite
4887s but it's the long Pony for the back
4892s oh yeah that one's I can cosplay this
4895s one okay I can't wait to see the phys
4897s the physics Sim on that oh yeah people
4900s are gonna be like that better not be
4901s going into my clothing good luck with
4903s that animators
4908s um and that is the wonderful character
4910s art update and always they do so many
4913s amazing things we can't show everything
4914s we'd be here all day but we do like to
4916s take bits and pieces that are really
4918s cool and we do want to keep some things
4920s as surprises uh so with that we're going
4923s to swap over and do a little q a from
4926s the forums uh if you submitted your
4928s questions thank you so much we super
4930s duper appreciate it
4932s um actually Stephen do you want to do
4934s any like a quick Studio update before we
4936s do a q a
4938s um yeah I know January has been an
4940s awesome month
4942s um so far like I said we got we started
4944s off pretty quick
4945s um we have excuse me we have some pretty
4951s um pretty ambitious hiring goals for
4953s this year
4955s um and I think uh you guys last year in
4959s the community have helped us spread
4961s awareness for the studio and for the
4962s project
4963s um on all the socials uh and of course
4967s you know we've seen as most of you are
4970s aware some turbulent times in the tech
4972s industry in general as well as across
4974s the games industry specifically
4976s um Intrepid Studios is hiring
4979s um we can be a resource for those
4981s individuals who have been impacted by
4983s those recent layoffs and our heart goes
4984s out of course to all of them
4986s um if you know anyone who's been
4988s impacted direct them to
4989s intrepidstudios.com where we have all of
4991s our current jobs postings listed and
4994s make sure that they know there's going
4996s to be updates coming over the course of
4997s the next 30 to 60 days for additional
5000s positions that will be listed as well
5001s and of course if you don't see a
5002s position listed there or you know of
5005s someone who you think would be a great
5006s fit for the team in the project you can
5008s direct them to just send in their resume
5011s even without a position listed so that's
5014s going to be good and then in addition
5019s um
5020s there's a lot of feedback that we need
5022s and that we share with you guys
5024s especially in these updates
5026s um and the community team does a great
5028s job at collecting that feedback so make
5029s sure that you guys are posting and
5030s giving us all your thoughts because that
5033s stuff is very important especially as we
5035s get into this year specifically where we
5038s have a lot of things planned
5040s um a lot of things
5042s are happening
5045s um with that we will go to our q a
5048s I was looking through my running show
5049s and I was scrolling down I know we're
5051s here to hit the button on the overlay
5052s and I was like oh no
5054s um but with that we will chat a little
5056s bit about
5058s um the Q a so the first question here
5059s from our lovely Forum folks is from
5062s cymax it is we have a few that are
5064s actually tank related so thanks guys you
5066s kept everything a little bit on topic
5067s and then we have some that are not so
5068s we'll start with the tank ones since
5070s we're we got it on our mind right now uh
5072s the first one is about damage mitigation
5074s should a skilled tank be able to prevent
5076s all damage to their party or should
5078s there be situations that no matter what
5081s your skill the party will take some
5083s damage yeah yeah absolutely um there's a
5086s few ways that that gets accomplished
5087s both from an ability creation
5090s um
5091s perspective with regards to the class
5093s kits and what they're capable of doing
5095s but also in the encounter design and how
5097s we want to structure the AI and behavior
5099s tree of our monsters not to be very
5102s simplistic in their engagement so that
5106s is important it's cool to as a tank have
5109s some control
5110s over uh the encounter but it's also not
5114s cool if the control is creates an
5117s entirely predictive gameplay Loop so you
5121s know with that being said
5123s excuse me we want to introduce that
5127s element of chaos because that makes
5129s things kind of fun and reactive and
5132s reactive gameplay is skill based
5134s gameplay and that's a good thing to have
5137s all right and the next question is from
5139s immortality uh this is about General
5142s tank play will tanks have some form of
5145s stances to swap between that increases
5148s damage dealt at the cost of defenses
5150s yes so those are some hybridization
5153s options that should be available as part
5155s of the class kit they can be further
5157s expanded upon with access to augment
5159s systems and depending on your secondary
5160s class choice but again the idea here is
5163s player agency so we don't prescribe what
5167s that class fantasy or class role is
5168s there's a lot of directions that players
5170s can take as part of that agency and that
5173s comes down to how they compose their uh
5175s skill trees
5176s all right
5178s and then we've got damage and aggro from
5180s Super waffle waffle fry I like that name
5183s and it's making me hungry tanks need to
5186s do two things mitigate damage and hold
5188s aggro how will tank weapons Shields
5191s aren't an armor balance these two
5192s Dynamics compared to other gear sets
5197s um well I think it does so in a few ways
5199s I mean obviously stack composition in
5201s your itemization choices are important
5203s uh making sure you're driving up your
5206s constitution-based stat allocation
5208s through selection of certain set bonuses
5211s and or Stat modifiers but in addition a
5214s big portion of that is not just through
5215s itemization but also through your skill
5218s tree selections
5219s um and you know they don't have to be
5222s diametrically opposed the ability to
5224s kind of Garner additional threat is
5225s predicated on your um your rotational
5228s selection uh and and how you are
5232s leveraging certain types of set bonuses
5234s that are catered towards that role
5235s specifically so some set bonuses will
5237s have specific very targeted benefits
5240s like additional threat generation but in
5243s addition you know if you're going to
5244s mitigate damage you need to make sure
5245s you're focusing on your health pool how
5247s much helpful do you have available to
5248s you what is what type of damage are you
5250s mitigating because we have different
5251s types of damage mitigation from Magic to
5253s physical and that's predicated on who
5256s your opponent is where your adversary
5258s lives you know both of those are viable
5260s selection or viable strategies
5262s all right and then we have orificator
5265s and they want to know about being
5266s unkillable will I be able to fulfill my
5269s fantasy of having a ridiculously large
5271s Health pool at the cost of other
5273s attributes
5276s um you will have significant agency over
5278s the allocation of your stat progression
5282s um yes some of that will be baked in
5284s based on the archetype selection but a
5287s large portion of that will come down to
5288s your itemization selection your
5290s selection of tattoos and other ancillary
5291s types of augments under benefits you can
5293s apply to specific items such as
5295s socketing
5296s but generally if you want to make a very
5300s con heavy HP focused tank you can do
5304s that
5305s all right the next one is PVP gameplay
5308s and this one's from nice gaming but not
5311s spelled like nice uh what steps are
5314s being taken or considered to make the
5317s tank archetype viable in PvP engagements
5322s um well
5324s there is a whole host of things that are
5327s taken it's important to note that in a
5329s lot of MMOs that probably many of us
5331s have played uh PVP can feel like a
5334s slapped on design consideration
5337s um and our approach is very holistic in
5340s the sense that we take into account the
5341s fact this is a pvx game so when we're
5344s designing the class kits we are making
5347s sure that mechanics and Designs are
5349s targeting applicability both in PVE
5352s settings as well as PVP settings that's
5355s very important
5357s um you know there are also special
5359s mechanics like how threat is used in PvP
5361s how taunts are used in PvP
5365s um those things I think require testing
5367s uh but we have some ideas that will make
5369s them relevant so that you don't have
5371s abilities that you know have no
5373s relevancy in PVE or PVP but have some
5377s cross application
5379s all right and then we've got the off
5382s tanking and this is from Sego and they
5385s want to know how will off tanks remain
5387s useful in raids or dungeons when they
5389s don't need to tank for a specific fight
5394s um there's a few cases in which off
5397s tanks of course are relevant to you I
5400s mean when you're fighting in a dungeon
5402s you have the occasional ads that come in
5404s um where a tank might be the primary
5406s tank might be focused on on keeping your
5408s uh groups your your party's Target
5412s um AG Road and the off tank has the
5414s ability to kind of hold aggro on ads
5416s until the main tank is finished with
5418s their Target in addition you have
5421s certain types of abilities like taunts
5423s that are immediate redirects on on on
5425s threat without having to acquire or
5427s accrue the appropriate threat to hold
5429s that aggro that can utilize those taunts
5433s um situationally based off of the
5434s threats that are appearing to the to the
5436s party
5438s um there's there's a lot of I mean
5439s there's a there's a broad
5441s scope of applicability that applies to
5444s these types of roles like off tank
5447s that I think are relevant and part of
5448s our overall kit designs
5451s and this next question is one I feel
5453s like
5454s many people internally have also talked
5456s about which is Mayo it's from miles so
5460s so
5462s myosotis and they want to know about the
5465s name
5466s have you considered renaming the tank
5468s archetype
5470s yes we have considered it
5473s um
5475s there are
5477s there are a few thoughts on that
5481s um the tank is a clear Communicator the
5484s tank
5486s name is a clear indicator kind of of the
5488s role that is more common in our average
5491s MMO vernacular right
5494s um now from a role play perspective
5496s there are you know questions about
5498s keeping that name in in World in lore so
5504s to speak and not necessarily adopting
5506s the vernacular that's a that the
5508s community has adopted
5510s um I think those are valid concerns and
5512s it's something I'm not diametrically
5514s opposed to reconsidering
5516s um but I would say an update on that is
5518s not coming in the immediate future all
5521s right and then we're moving away from
5523s tank stuff so it's gone uh barab wants
5527s to know about Naval mechanics will there
5529s be a mechanic on chips that allow
5531s players to hire or install NPCs to
5535s control sales or fire cannons
5538s um no we don't have the concept of
5540s including uh the mercenary or or
5543s additive NPC solution or as a mechanic
5547s on naval ships they are elsewhere within
5550s the game
5551s um but not intended for
5553s um naval ships
5555s and then azerae wants to know what Siege
5557s summons will there be a or will there be
5560s level restrictions on who can
5562s participate in the activation of these
5564s abilities other than for the group
5566s leader
5569s um
5570s for summons during
5572s um sieges are we talking about Summoners
5575s are we talking about
5577s um Siege weapons like Vehicles will
5580s there be level restrictions on who can
5582s participate in the activation of these
5583s abilities so if we're talking about
5585s vehicles and Siege Weaponry that's
5587s agnostic of class kids
5589s um
5590s those will be predicated on individuals
5592s who have the items within their
5594s inventory in order to summon them and
5596s who are registered as part of
5598s the castle scenario registered Guild or
5600s in the node scenario an attacker valid
5603s attacker
5604s with regards to
5607s the Summoner class and abilities that
5610s exist within class kits those types of
5613s summons
5614s will require that the uh the the
5616s Summoner is an active participant in The
5619s Siege or in the node Siege Castle Siege
5623s or node Siege
5624s in order to utilize that ability and
5628s then if we're talking about the group
5629s summons then the group summons would be
5633s um utilized solely by the party leader
5635s uh so that's a that's an activation that
5637s occurs from the party leader the party
5638s loser leader has to satisfy
5641s um having that ability as part of their
5642s class kit and then having the necessary
5644s uh additive components from other
5646s classes that part of the group
5648s all right and then Jamie chaos wants to
5651s know about raid bosses
5652s it was stated that raid bosses would
5655s change difficulty based on how fast a
5657s group was clearing them if the raids are
5660s supposed to be open and not instance how
5663s does this work or do rooms lock once a
5665s boss is pulled and this was something
5667s you had stated a long time ago yeah so
5670s so raid bosses are aware of the number
5673s of combatants within an area in
5676s proximity to them and that awareness is
5680s part of an indicator to which behaviors
5683s they're going to utilize as part of
5687s their behavior tree so as it's assessing
5689s the types of combatants that are facing
5692s at the number of those combatants the
5694s position of those combatants the
5695s abilities in life uh totals of those
5697s combatants it weighs certain actions in
5701s its Behavior tree and then it acts on
5702s those actions
5704s um and in the scenario where you're
5706s bringing overwhelming odds to a
5708s particular fight that might weigh
5711s heavier the AOE options that the the
5713s boss has access to to where they're
5716s utilizing a lot more AOE abilities
5718s during an engagement due to that overage
5721s of of players
5723s um so in that sense it's a bit uh
5726s adaptive it's a bit Dynamic based on the
5728s encounter scenario and you haven't
5730s really seen our full AI encounters yet
5734s um we're very much in our core Loop
5736s state was we're showing show showing
5738s this showcase so
5740s um for people being like we don't see
5742s that right now it's because it's not
5744s we're not we're not showing that quite
5746s yet and then Serena venpoint or venport
5749s wants to know about player housing and
5751s this is our final question from the
5752s forums today what limitation will we
5755s have with placing items we find in the
5758s world as decorations in our houses
5763s um there is a few limitations some of
5766s those limitations are specific to the
5768s type of housing that you own some of
5771s those limitations are at the recipe and
5774s workbench construction Point as well
5777s like you need to have the necessary
5778s components to make those things placing
5781s them there is an allotment quota that's
5783s based on the type of Housing and there
5786s is a grade restriction based on the type
5789s of housing so if you have a mansion in
5791s node housing you can place the best
5793s furniture right Furniture has mechanical
5796s components to it right game mechanics
5798s associated with them they're not just
5799s visual or Cosmetic
5803s in addition there might be limitations
5805s around how many of a particular type of
5808s furniture piece or Decor item you can
5810s place inside
5812s of a property
5815s so you might only be able to place one
5817s of a certain type
5819s um
5820s so there's a few rules around that
5822s all right and that's it we wrapped it up
5824s uh for those of you who are watching
5827s this on YouTube we've probably made some
5829s edits
5830s um because we're gonna re-record the
5832s gameplay section to Showcase that a
5834s little bit better and for those of you
5835s who are watching us live watching this
5837s live with us thank you for joining us
5839s and giving us a lot of feedback we
5841s appreciate that
5842s um and of course as always uh head on
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5859s these and we send them to the
5861s development team and sometimes we have
5862s meetings regarding these and it really
5864s helps us ensure that we're always on the
5865s same page and usually a lot of the
5867s feedback that you guys have is stuff
5869s that we're already like yeah we want to
5870s move forward in that direction anyway or
5872s we're already working towards that which
5874s is nice validator absolutely yes yeah
5876s exactly it validates that we're on the
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