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Hi Everyone, hope you're all doing well.

This is something I have been thinking about a lot and wanted to get everyone's opinion on. In the Basic Melee update i noticed the transition from conventional to action combat which got this whole thought train start in my head.

Are you guys looking forward to the hybrid system that is being proposed? Do you have any concerns about what's been shown? Are you personally a fan of tab-targetting or action combat? Are there any games in the past that you can refer to for your thoughts? I personally have always played MMOs with conventional tab-targetting until New World which i enjoyed the combat for what it was.

Can't wait for this game to release, looking forward to read your responses.

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It'll be interesting to see where this discussion goes :)

Here's some information that might help in this discussion. We did this clarification after the June 2022 Development Livestream, and there are several links in that forum post to better explain the direction of our hybrid combat system.