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With the January showcase we were able to see some great PVP action involving the risks and rewards revolving around the caravan system and one thing that was often seen during the combat was enemy health bars, along with other elements displayed on the overall UI. A beautiful view of Orbificator moments before he turned into a pile of ash. :D Here you can also see a pretty clean display of the buffs and debuffs of your enemy target. And here you can see the Caravan event alert on display, along with a map that has an opacity fade to blend well with the overall screen. What are your thoughts on the enemy health bars being sectioned off in quadrants without a numerical value up for display, and how do you feel about this UI setup? Personally, I love it and I think the UI is incredibly clean overall. I'm able to use visual cues in game with this type of setup and respond accordingly depending on the situation at hand without knowing too much information. Having a solid UI setup can be very important, and I will spend hours on making the perfect user interface that I find appealing if I have to (it's a double-edged sword, loving front end development, I tell ya!) I'm also curious to see if Ashes of Creation implements a few different UI options which may include different overlay options, or even entirely different UI loadouts! Lets discuss, tell me your thoughts!
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There were two threads on this same topic of health bars. They have been merged :)

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