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So firstly I'd like to start out by acknowledging that this idea came to mind after seeing a comment written by a fellow youtuber on the newest dev update video (Sean Barrett- shout out to you if you see this) about this idea. It's something that got me thinking and I thought, for what it's worth, I could try and signal boost it while also building it up. This all spawned from Steven talking about events that could happen within the nodes (natural disasters, Goblin raids, etc.), the way this information is disseminated to the player base, and the consequences that may result from whether or not players took action to handle the situation.

The overarching idea is the introduction of a Patrolling/Scouting quest/mechanic, whether it's a daily or something that is distributed at random to different player/s at various points in time. Its purpose is to send out active parties into the surrounding area within the Node's region (it doesn't have to be limited to the Township itself) in order to help maintain a watch of the surroundings. Think of it as taking proactive steps to help mitigate potential disasters and the severity of their outcomes.

I'll use the newly featured Goblins for my example.
---The player/s receive and accept the volunteer Patrol quest, once gathered they set out to for the designated area of concern. Once in the area the players could possibly be given a form of passive or active investigation checks (maybe through a form of player perception checks?) which could result, but not always guarantee, environmental clues (i.e. spotting tracks on the ground, broken branches etc.) that could lead you to finding a goblin. Through this process the players can follow along and determine if the goblin was just a one off, a scout, or even part of a goblin raid group. From here you could go any number of ways, whether it's to determine their purpose, origin, etc. If he is a scout, it could be an indication that something is a raid(?) could happen in the future. If its Goblin war party, and you've already encountered 3 along the patrol route perhaps it should throw up some red flags for the people in the area that something worse is yet to come. Of course, not EVERY clue should lead a point of concern, maybe there was no problems in the area at all (what if the campfire you came across was from some other player and not from the goblin host?).---

Obviously we don't want to make this an overly tedious process, but I love the idea of players actually interacting with their environment to obtain information about something that's about to go down (OR NOT, otherwise it's going to become too predictable). Of course there is always the option of ignoring or not acting on the potential warning signs, but that feels like it would fall well in the land of consequences. Could even give a little extra xp/loot as a reward for not just doing the quest but also finding some kind of clue as a form of compensation.

Hell you could maybe even do this on a smaller and informal scale, where a solo player could encounter strange sightings of a seemingly one off goblin who if pursued would lead the them into a goblin war party camp. I can imagine the player being prompted with the ability to blow a war horn that instantly can send a warning message to people within a certain vicinity. The warning doesn't have to be too descriptive, but just enough to catch the person's attention to be like "Hey, somethings up and you don't know what it is. Go to X and find out what it is." From there its up to players to disseminate the information to others who may not have "heard" the warning call.

I know this was a long post, thank you for giving me your time. But this is my best attempt at putting it into context, I just love it when games get me more involved through the environment because that's what makes it meaningful to me and keeps me coming back. I know this idea could be refined, and I'd love to hear ya'lls feedback on it. Thank you
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Neat idea and good conversation happening here :) Certainly an idea worth thinking about! I do like Dygz suggestion of that feature being tied into max-level adventurer game loops as well.

Either way, I can't wait to see what the design team has planned and what they're going to show us! I think the event system will be an awesome, organic, and fun way to make Verra feel everchanging and real!