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Hi! I think that language is an integral part of immersion. In your opinion, how should AOC integrate this element, if it is to integrate it?

I think several possibilities could be nice!

For Role Play:
Each race could have its own language, in addition to the common language (in the style of Wow), with, why not, a slightly different dialect between the two types of dwarfs for example. This could result in:
-An orc does not understand what a dwarf is saying, the text is totally modified.
-An orc Ren'Kai can understand what an orc Vek says, but with an accent materialized by a distortion of certain words.

For the Node Vs Node:
Nodes could have the possibility of adopting a single language, spoken by the citizens of that node alone. Thus, the use of chat in general channel in the region would allow citizens to communicate without being understood by external citizens.

Going further
The translation (and therefore the understanding) of these dialects could be a competence of technological or religious nodes,

I find that these elements would strengthen the sense of belonging to a community (race, region), while providing opportunities for PR.

This could also be very specific situation generator in PVP!
Imagine yourself in hostile territory, witness to an incomprehensible discussion between several opponents who did not know each other 2 minutes earlier, and find themselves gathered together by the sole objective of having your skin .

In short, I look forward to your opinions on this, and your ideas!
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Certainly some good thought-starters for RP features!

As some have suggested, in what ways would you implement this feature, or languages, in which it is an optional, RP-focused feature?

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