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We discussed hands/fist weapons a few years ago. Maggie clenched a fist in the recent dress up photo - some twitter users claimed hands/fist weapons were confirmed lol.

Would you like to see hands/fist weapons in Ashes?


Edit: twitter, not twitch. My bad lol.

P.s. I would only like to see caster gloves :)
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Yeah, in Everquest 2 I used Monk. Loved Monk. It would be nice for both versions especially while combat revamp is underway (no pressure IS lol).

I'm generally a monk player in MMOs that offer it, as well!

Seeing martial arts in Ashes of Creation would certainly be cool! However, I can assure you that nothing in that image, between my exposed armpits or Margaret's fistful of fingers, has any hints or confirmations for Ashes of Creation 😅