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Easy format. Write the name of the MMO and explain why you cannot look at it anymore. Which will hopefully lead to Ashes not adopting the same signs of what made you divorce your first great MMO love. ;) My first and only MMO that made me happy beyond compare was World of Warcraft. Everything fell into place perfectly. Maybe because I did not had any reference before but everything just felt right. Leveling was a bit too slow but I didn't care cause the gameworld was immersive and beautiful. My character, a Paladin I leveled and played as Retributionpaladin, could stand his own in the openworld PvP and casuals were so many that no one bothered my lack of actual controllable dps in PvE instances. During the 40 man raids during the end of Vanilla I had to specc holy of course since the DPS of a Retripala has always been an uncontrollable russianroullete and who has time for that when the healingcapacity of Palas in Vanilla was one of the most mana conserving in the entire game? And with AQ40 gear, going to the Alteracvalley battleground was much more fun than going to Naxxramas. Yes I crushed casuals and I do not regret it a tiny bit. I am a superior being and my character reflected that. :D Why I quit playing WoW entirely. Cause I just did everything I wanted and the game has become something that just cannot interest me anymore. My last 7 months, 6 by halfyear subscription +1 with the WoW token, was during BfA. With the first 6 months starting and the other 1 month somewhere during the time this landscape had release where we went to Queen Ashzara's landscape. I did not played Shadowlands. I sure as hell do not plan to play Dragonflight. And whatever comes afterwards. Why? :) Because I've unlocked every allied race I was still interested in and dripped them out quite nicely. And because I can already see what I would do during all of the next expansions. Grinding more "transmogs" (who cares about itemlevels really) for roleplay reasons... and never be done with it as usual. You are never done with anything anymore. The grinds are never ending and this makes WoW feel like a job. :sleepy: I was once enjoying to be a PvP menace. Then I became a PvE'ler and a RP'ler. But I never wanted to become a hamster in a wheel and farm stuff forever due to their lifetime disrespectingly low dropates. And this is coming from me, who has his fair share of 1% drop mounts. There is only one thing that could make me come back to WoW at this point and that is if I get every single transmog for free now that is in the game and have all new one's automatically unlocked the moment they are added to the game. Why? Cuz I am a f°°°ing god and I should be treated like a King. Not even joking these are my genuine feelings. B) But I know this will never happen due to the nature of WoW being a grinding & farming game. ^_^ Which is okay of course. But I am someone who takes his lifetime very seriously and I just cannot respect it anymore to not be treated like a demigod at the very least, for having invested so much lifetime into the game already and still not be done with just about everything. ... so that I can focus on the true activities I would like to pursue in the current WoW. Which are... standing around in random locations in the game world, dripped out and doing ROLEPLAY with likeminded individuals and having a good time. WoW PvP is dogsh*t boring since BurningCrusade released the first time. PvE -> just watch Asmongold, regarding raiding. And do not even get me started on the storywriting. ;) A~nd this is why I quit WoW and am happy with it. =) So whatever it is that Ashes of Creation will be doing and I hope it avoids. + Not too many 1% droprates that are also locked behind a +30 minute instance progression once every week + Timelimited stuff that makes people depressed forever for having missed out the timewindow in which it was available + Immortal healers in PvP due to damage for some reason laughably nerfed compared to general healing potential This is all already. If these three steps are followed I cannot see why I would become unhappy in the future AoC. Thanks for reading. =)
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Fun thread you've put together here, OP :) I've never fully quit WoW, but like many, I've played on and off over the years :sweat_smile: