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I'd like to see how the abilities/weapon attacks function between tab and action. Like be clear on ''this is how this ability works in tab mode, now if i switch to action mode this is how it works in action. (if implemented)

Maybe talk a little bit about the possible benefits of action over tab (i know hard cc is supposed to be action) but if there is more like increased range/damage or such. (possibly aiming your ranged weapon attacks/projectile abilities for more risk/reward)

Also what direction you are going with action combat at the moment (some streams back it was mentioned the abilities might change from tab to action or be completely separate)
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We hear ya! We know how important the Ranger archetype and all of the Ranger classes are to our players. It's an iconic fantasy archetype and we really want to hit the bullseye with this one ;)

We will show off as much as we're able to with what is ready to demonstrate! ^_^ and we're excited to hear your thoughts on it!