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Pls dear team of Ashes of Creation. Please do a system for people who like to do profession.

Like I did say in previous post it would we nice to master crafting something and thurthfully I dont l know how you were planning to do it. But I said in few post that it would be cool to master thing like You craft so many potions thats the potion you now sell have better effects same for armor or food.

And it seem that WoW Dragonflight will do something similar.

I just hope you guys will do something similar for player who loves crafting so they arent forgotten. And also a system like that is nice cause its like in real life it give a reason to why you go theres instead of theres to get the same product.

It give a nice sense of pride to the player to have recognition toward your crafting instead of having all crafting equal
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The wiki is a great place to take a deep dive into the many planned systems and features of Ashes of Creation. For example, you can read up on some of the planned features of our crafting systems here, on the wiki!