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Since the tank update is coming, here are some ideas that I had for a while about types of tanks:

-Tank with Heavy CC: A tank who has lots of ways to CC enemies like roots, staggers
-Magic Mitigation Tank: A tank that focuses more on protecting the team from magic damage rather than physical
-Projectile Block Tank: A tank that focuses more on stopping projectiles on their way
-Damage threat Tank: A tank with more DPS that builds threat by dealing damage, and the better the damage output the better the tanking
-Evasion Tank: A tank that focuses on dodges and dashes to protect itself from harm
-Ranged Tank: A tank that is ranged

Do you have any other ideas for Tank types?
12 days ago - Vaknar - Direct link
In case you missed it, there is a helpful image on this page on the wiki, with all of the class combinations!