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So before Steven and Margaret showed the gathering video they talked about griefing. Now, there is nothing that says griefing has to do with PVP. Under the land management system what stops people from becoming eco-terrorists even if Intrepid does what PVE players want and include PVE servers? Could griefers not simply make side accounts for the purpose of depleting resources on PVE servers along with the unintended help from the non-griefer gatherers who simply like to gather? Then after hoarding as many resources as they can in freeholds, banks, and guild halls if they aren't allowed to transfer that resource to their main account on a PVP server then why not destroy the economy of the PVE server by dumping resources on the market and repeating the process? So my question again is how do PVE players feel about this system and if you are okay with the land management system which can be used to grieve an even greater amount of players than a simple open-world PVP type of griefing can then why aren't you fine with PVP? Because at that point you don't really mind griefing you just don't like PVPing. This brings me to the point that if you don't like PVPing then I find it hard to believe that such a player would be down for "opt-in" node wars, caravans, castle sieges, etc. The reason why I put quotes around opt-in is that will a PVE player feel like it's opt-in if the survival of their freehold is on the line and basically being held, hostage? Now how will they feel about caravans every time they want to transfer a large amount of mats?
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We appreciate your feedback on this topic. Make sure you drop your thoughts on the official thread, here: https://forums.ashesofcreation.com/discussion/54301/feedback-request-gathering-system-update-shown-in-october-livestream#latest

It never hurts to give feedback before we test something. Though, we absolutely expect and hope to receive feedback on what we implement into the game. That's what Alpha Two is for! ;)