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Hey there,

I'm leaving this thread up to detail our recent actions, even if we don't usually comment Moderation actions.

Only two threads have been deleted recently, the latter were a source of trolling & unconstructive comments. We are pretty open to criticism, as long as it is constructive and there is something interesting to take away from it.
Steam was slightly slow yesterday, which led to comments being automatically held-up "under review", this wasn't a result of moderation.

If a comment fails to be constructive or interesting for the community, or made only to be a source of unfounded or slanderous comments, it will be removed to keep the forums tidy, fun, and interesting for everyone.

Thanks for your understanding.
12 days ago - Nicou12313 - Direct link
Please take your time to read your post again when you feel more relaxed, and ask yourself if this is a good example of a civil, constructive, and interesting comment for everyone to read.

We really don't have time to "censor" players. If a comment is taken down, it is because it doesn't follow the Steam forums rules. Simply and plainly.

We are now closing this thread to avoid further out of bounds comments.

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