23 Feb

Hello and howdy, dear readers!
What’s it called when the long-awaited third installment in a beloved RPG series finally gets a proper release day announcement? That’s Baldur’s Date. 😌

Baldur’s Gate 3 releases on August 31, 2023 for PC, Mac, and PS5.

Earlier today we unveiled a brand new gameplay and story trailer during Sony’s State of Play livestream. Fret not, our PC-focused friends, as you will still want to see this trailer:

Meet General Ketheric Thorm, a seemingly invincible necromancer leading an army of the dead towards the city of Baldur’s Gate. Ketheric isn’t the antagonist, but one of three main antagonists that your party will need to contend with if you ever want to get those tadpoles out of your head (maybe even if you decide you don’t 😏).

Ketheric’s plans... Read more

09 Feb

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Is there multiplayer in Early Access?
Yes, there will be 4 player online multiplayer, but split-screen will not be immediately available on launch. In 4 player online multiplayer, players can either start a multiplayer journey together and both create their own custom character (origin character will not be available as main player characters at the start of Early Access) or join a friends single player game during the adventure. In this case they will take over a companion.

Is there Cross Play?
As of Patch 8, Direct Connection works between Steam and GOG, but does not between and computers (PC/Mac).

Will there be split-screen in Early Access?
Split screen will not be available on Early Access launch, but will be available on launch.

Will there be DM/GM mode?
There will not be DM/GM mode in Early Access.

How can I enable the Twitch integration for my stream?... Read more
It’s time to take the party to the cloud. We’re excited to announce that Baldur’s Gate 3 is now available to stream via GeForce NOW! Experience Baldur’s Gate 3 on underpowered PCs and more with a GeForce NOW membership. Members will be able to adventure, loot, battle and romance as they journey through the Forgotten Realms, either alone or with companions.

To find out more about GeForce NOW, please visit Nvidia’s blog[] and follow the GeForce NOW ... Read more

02 Feb

Hello everyone!

Just a quick update today: we are happy to announce that Mac users can now download and play Patch 9!

If you need a recap of Patch 9’s contents, you can find our Community Update here... Read more

26 Jan

Hello everyone,

Today we bring you a new hotfix, which addresses some common reasons for crashes and other gameplay issues.

This hotfix will also take care of the issue causing parties of 3-4 players to crash when a second player joins an already-started conversation. (Warning: We're pleased to assist in making your party chats run smoothly, but you're on your own when it comes to avoiding small talk.)

A big thank you to all who reported this issue and all the rest!

For our Mac players, we know you’re still waiting for Patch 9. We’re continuing to work on the stability of the build on Mac, but need some more time to address the issues.

  • Fixed a crash caused by RAM corruption that would occur when loading into the tutorial.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when booting the game using Vulkan.
  • Fixed an issue prompting the 'Mid-dialogue saves are curren...
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17 Jan

Hello everyone,

We’re entering 2023 with a new hotfix for you, taking care of several crashes, bugs, and more!

We’ve heard of tough crowds, but we think our NPCs may have taken things a little too far. Previously, if you played an instrument badly in front of them you gained the permanent cold shoulder. While this might sound like a cool pauldron, it just means they would ignore you for the rest of the game. We’ve explained stage etiquette to everyone and they should be a little more forgiving of your instrumental ineptitude. Also, Shadowheart now remembers where her artefact is.

As ever, thank you to everyone who took the time to report these issues to us.

  • Fixed a crash that would occur when carrying out an action immediately after having prepared another one.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when loading a savegame made after killing Gekh Coal while controlling one of his zomb...
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12 Jan

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Pricing will stay the same upon release 🙂

22 Dec

A little surprise hotfix for you this holiday season, which will take care of a number of visual bugs, blockers, crashes, and more! From adding Pings to your minimap to fixing noiseless footsteps to removing those weird powers of telekinesis that we accidentally gave characters when they’re picking something up to throw.

Oh and no more pushing gaseous forms off of cliffs. We'll be praying to that big Paladin Santa in the sky that he spares you for attempting something so cruel during this, (gestures vaguely), the most wonderful time of the year.

A big thanks to all who reported these issues to us, and we’re looking forward to seeing you in the new year!

  • Players can now use Ping on minimap
  • Fixed issue where player character receives damage when throwing weapon with Throw action
  • Multi-projectile spells like Magic Missile now use correct path and hit selected targets correctly
  • ...
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15 Dec

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Patch 9 will be live for Mac OS a bit later, as our teams are working on some final troubleshooting.

14 Dec

‘Twas the night of the update, and the snow drifted freely
As we printed out liability waivers ahead of killing Geoff Keighley
Dunked a Druid in gravy, added flour to thicken
Now we'll finally find out if roast Wildshapes taste like chicken

Yes, dear readers, that magical time of year is upon us once again. Chestnuts are roasting over open fires, hearts are brimming with good tidings, and Geoff Keighley is combusting on our set from the violent heat of a Level 5 Fireball spell. It can only mean one thing: it’s Patch Day!

Patch #9: Holy Knight is now live!

Patch #9 is our final major update before our August 2023 launch as we put the finishing touches on BG3. This community-inspired update is a direct response to your feedback, and brings some of your most requested features and changes to Baldur’s Gate 3. We’ve boosted the level cap, revamped our Reactions System, unlocked Flying and unveiled a long-awaited playable class: Paladin... Read more
Patch 9 for Baldur’s Gate 3 is here! Bursting with noble spirit and ardent reverence, this patch adds the paladin class, Level 5, and much, much more. If you’re looking to peer deeper into the contents of this festive update, you can find the Community Update ... Read more

07 Dec

Hello everyone! We hope you’re all well!

The New Year approaches and with it Baldur’s Gate 3’s release year. The team has been hard at work and is ready to share Patch 9 with you all. Be sure to catch our Panel From Hell on December 14th for the full unveiling and a few more surprises! In case you missed our teaser for The Game Awards, we highly recommend you watch that to whet your appetite.

On to the main topic: Patch 9 draws near and it will be roughly 33 GB, bringing the full game size to 84.7 GB.

As with all our previous patches, all saves made on Patch 8 or prior will no longer be compatible when updating to Patch 9.

So, let’s talk branching! We’ve got options if you want to continue saves from earlier patches, or if you want to make sure you’re staying current. Check out the below instructions for whichever method suits you best.

1. How to Update Your Game to Patch 9: If you want to play the most up-to-date version of... Read more

21 Nov

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Hey! Many things have changed or have been added with updates along the way. We usually post these as Hotfix/Patch notes over here: (It's a bit of a long read at this point! But checking the main Patch notes might give you an idea :) )
As for release, we are currently on track for 2023 🙌

13 Oct

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They look like a fun team 😁

11 Oct

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The story takes place 100 years after the events in Baldur’s Gate 2 and shortly after the events of Descent into Avernus. Obviously, we don’t want to spoil anything but it will be connected to the previous games in meaningful ways 😉