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Intel is happy to burn bridges with ex-Mac mate Apple
In a recent call with Intel's Ryan Shrout about the performance of its 11th Generation H-series laptop processors, he took some time out to throw some serious shade Apple's way. Actually, it was throwing shade around as if it was going out of fashion, with AMD, ARM, and Apple all getting some. Maybe Intel simply doesn't like the start of the alphabet? Anyway, most of the exasperation was reserved for its old bestie, Apple. According to Intel, it's the poor gaming experience of a Mac that makes its own devices superior. A sentiment I can definitely get behind, but it's still surprising to hear that coming from Intel. This wasn't an idle boast either, Intel has thrown some research behind its feeling. Not only are Apple Macs rubbish because they run Apple's own M1 silicon, which is obviously inferior to what Intel used to make, but over half of the most popular games don't even run on the platform.