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This is the Funbringer 3000, it's a craftable clown exosuit unlocked with true potential (as of unstable) with a built in megahorn that causes inverted controls and distorted vision. Instead of batteries it uses fuel rods to power.

There is a glitch with it right now that takes up one equipped item slot so two handed weapons cannot be wielded while using it.

Hope this helps!

This is not a glitch. One of the suit's hands is a weapon in itself, and can't be used for holding things.

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Other things of note: A rework of the carrier that turns it into a hermit crab style crustacean stealing ship hulls as shells, an artist rendering of either a new alien guardian or a different take on it, maybe related to the last point a "portal guardian" and a new type of cave? Biome? I don't know its not up for long and it looks like a sandstorm, 5:22 in the video if you're curious.

I'm sorry to say but that's just a very old piece of concept art we made when brainstorming how to reimplement the carrier (and ended up going with the thalamus), not something that's coming in 1.0.

None of the other concept art you see in the video are for 1.0 either, e.g. the guardian art was concept art for when we were reimplementing the guardians.