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06 May

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Hi! This is something we're currently working on for the next update, finally. Here's the corresponding card on our roadmap, recently added:

05 May

04 May

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Originally posted by Zothen:
Originally posted by Dynamoon: *She :)
Now I feel perfectly dumb, hehe.

That's quite unnecessary as a great many people who have seen my profile here still "he" me just the same! I am not very consistent in correcting those people, either. Just happened to do that now :)
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*She :) and yes, I'd say it's hard to be sure without seeing the actual work whether there will be copyright issues or not.

This is our end-user licence agreement[] which tells you what you can do with the game's code; that should be a good starting point to figure what's generally allowed and what is not. Outside the EULA, the rule of thumb is that as long as what you're doing is not 1.) making money off someone else's work or 2.) piracy, or promoting piracy, which again rips off someone else's work, you're probably fine. You should also note that the Barotrauma name and logo are copyrighted (see our store page, right under "system requirements", for legal lines).

For more details, it would be easiest to email us at ... Read more

03 May

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The console only opens up if there's errors, are you using some mods which hasn't yet been updated for the latest update? Some mods also conflict with each others which can lead to errors too.

It could also be a issue with the game itself or your installation of the game, so seeing what the error message is would also help.

You can copy the console error (red text) by right clicking it.

02 May

01 May

30 Apr

29 Apr


Hello everyone!

We've just released a patch to address issues in the latest update. Notably, issues with submarine speed and maintain position, joining modded servers and voice chat quality should now be fixed. Please be sure to update your game, and see the full changelog below.

A note about updating mods: Unfortunately, there may still be some issues with mods. If a mod fails to update automatically, please head to the in-game Steam Workshop menu and click "reinstall" next to the mod in question. If players who try to join your server get errors about mismatching mods, then you as the host may also need to reinstall mods in this way to make sure they're up to date.


- Adjusted autopilot logic to make it better at keeping the sub afloat when there's extra wat... Read more
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

28 Apr

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Originally posted by Udrakan: radiation was supposed to prevent cheese, but instead it gave us chedar.

Thanks for this :'D

And sorry about this oversight (for that's what it is). I just wanted to let you know this thread was shared with the rest of our team and I am sure we will discuss how to make the radiation do what it's meant to do.

27 Apr

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Kastrull is in fact Swedish and means a cooking pot (or it may be some other things too but this is what we intended). It is pronounced like this:

As it appears in the game though, in the meaning of a submarine found on a multinational moon of the future, I think you have licence to pronounce it as you like ;)

26 Apr

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The host of the server has the line of sight setting disabled on their settings, so anyone who joins the server will have the same setting applied to them as the host. So you can't have one player without LOS and one with for example.

24 Apr

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Originally posted by Captain Dickärd: This is the only game mode I play. Still, no dead players have reported having access to any sort of respawn option over several missions.
You might want to lower the "minimum players to respawn" setting, by default its set to 20%, the setting means that at least 20% of overall players has to be waiting for respawn for the respawning to start. Also make sure "Allow respawning" is toggled.

Both of these settings can be found in the server settings > gameplay