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Hi! This sounds like the "missing entity" errors that have unfortunately been present in the game for a long time. I believe the next update should, again, fix some instances of them, but probably not all. We're sorry about this one, but we're working on weeding them out as fast as we can! You can read more about this error in the "known issues" list on our Trello board here:


01 Dec

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Hello everyone, I'm glad that OP's immediate problem appears to have been solved; let's not be too hard on them over something as normal and perfectly appropriate as a forum post. The forums are here so that our players might write about their experience with the game, and the tutorial, just like every part of the game, is fair game for feedback!

27 Nov

26 Nov

Hello captains, clowns and submariners of all kinds!

Steam Awards are once more being bestowed on games soon and you can now nominate Barotrauma for an award.

We've chosen the Labor of Love category, made for games that have been out for a while and continue to be worked on – as we're closing in on the fourth big update this year, we thought this category sounded like us. We hope more than anything that you've enjoyed the direction we've developed Barotrauma in, and that you'll continue to enjoy our future updates. If you'd like to nominate us for this award as well, we'd be doubly happy.

Best wishes from our team, and many honks!
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

25 Nov


Originally posted by darksusenka

I hope this is the spectator mode and the environment will stay pitch black

Hello! The environment is a little bit brighter after the next update, but really quite little, and for these screenshots, the lights have been turned up. You will still need to have light sources with you if you want to see anything outside the sub :)


Originally posted by minimum_wage_effort

Holy shit this looks amazing, pls make thalamus ships fully destructible if the brain has been destroyed. Sometimes they block tunnels and mission progression because you physically cannot squeeze past them without getting stuck.

Hi! Thanks :) and as for the thalamus problem, we probably can't do what you suggest, exactly, but if this continues to be a problem, we do need to address it somehow. If your path is blocked by something that shouldn't do that following the update, please drop us a line on the Steam forums or our Discord to let us know!


Originally posted by [deleted]


Hi! While jokes are fine, and jokes about Finnishness are extra fine, there are some jokes in this post that I find troublesome and would love to see removed. Europa is for everyone, and that's no joking matter :)

24 Nov

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Hi! There are some commands that are specifically disabled for multiplayer, but to give yourself all those commands that can be used in MP, you should only need to type "givecommandperm [PlayerName] all" in the F3 console or dedicated server console.

23 Nov

22 Nov

21 Nov

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I have to admit I haven't played SS13 as much as one might expect based on how much Baro draws inspiration from it. I did give it a try a long time ago on what I think was /tg/station, but as someone who tends to like making games more than playing them and rarely has enough time or motivation to really sink into a game, I didn't get very far. But I was still impressed enough by the game and its core ideas that I wanted to take a shot at building something slightly different on those core ideas. I guess I should take it for another spin at some point and see how it goes. :)