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The game freezes whenever the changelog loads in the main menu. Any help?

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Just joined the discord for 'tech support' because apparently the bug reports on steam go mostly ignored. only to see one single discord volunteer doing 100% of the bug reporting work for users. So disgraceful. I thought small companies were supposed to be pro consumer.

They didn't even bother helping me look for others with the same issue, as if im an employee who works for them, and its my job. I googled barotrauma freezing and this is the first result.

Oh but people who are foolish enough to put illegal characters in their name? They get help rights away no problem.

Thanks for the help Barotrauama team. I regret buying the supporting edition. I regret buying 4 copies for my friends. I regret it, thanks for that.

I'm sorry it's taken as a while to get back to you and to diagnose the issue - we're quite swamped with stuff related to the 1.0 release right now, including ironing out some of the most critical issues in the build.

I'd like to point out though that our CM team (which is just 2 people) can't monitor Discord constantly, and that the time you reported the issue was outside our working hours. But luckily there are lots of community members on the server who can sometimes offer help!

As for the issue you're facing, we unfortunately haven't still yet figure out a way to reproduce it at our end, which makes diagnosing it extremely difficult. But we are looking into it, and hopefully pushing a fix soon. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

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