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Hi! I may be stating the obvious, but if you'd like to find a group to try it out with soon, you can always join our official Discord, discord.gg/undertow to find other people who are currently active. As we release in the European afternoon, with the majority of our players in the Americas, it will most likely take some time for the bulk of the servers to update to the new version.

Hope you get to play soon and like what you see!
15 days ago - Dynamoon - Direct link
You can see the full changelog in the announcement (and of course, also in-game, as always):

15 days ago - Dynamoon - Direct link
Another significant group to be sure! But the overwhelming majority of our players are actually from the US, according to Steam data. That may differ wildly from what you see on public servers though, because a lot of people seem to play on closed servers with friends or with established player groups. Our Discord lists some of these player-owned Discords too, if anyone is interested :)

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Barotrauma - The Cave Update - Steam News
Hello everyone! The first update of the year, a small update that focuses on more cave content and various improvements, has just been released. As always, please be sure to update your game to the latest version to be able to host and join servers. Find the full list of changes further below, and here are the highlights: More cave variety – explore Forest caves, Mushroom caves, and Bioluminescent caves. These new cave types will be found in the later biomes, starting from the Europan Ridge.

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