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Hi! I believe this is the same thing I just responded to here https://steamcommunity.com/app/602960/discussions/1/3130541122082036828/#c3130541122084108349 – in short, it's not a bug, but a fix. However, we unfortunately forgot to include a mention of it in the changelog.

Originally posted by Dynamoon: We've chaged how ballast pumps work (and it seems we also forgot to include this change in the update changelog – sorry about that.) Previously the pumps wouldn't always utilise the full volume of the ballast which caused the sub to be less responsive than it should, and prevented the sub from maintaining position (the sub moved up and down around the position it should maintain).

If this change is proving inconvenient for you, please give feedback as always – it certainly shouldn't mess with default subs in any way, so if your'e having problems, please describe them in detail and we'll take a look!

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Maintain Position/Ballast Bug? :: Barotrauma Help & Technical Support
Before the update the ballast would correctly work if you flood an airlock the ballast would keep the sub neutral if it could, with maintain position. One of my subs has 2 airlocks that are different sizes and either one (not both at the same time) could be flooded and make the ballast go to around 5-10% full to keep neutral buoyancy, now when i flood the larger airlock the sub starts to sink quickly and the Ballast is about 25% full, with maintain position on.