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Are you using mods by any chance? Especially the "Transparent diving suit helmet" mod seems to cause this.
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I wasn't able to reproduce this no matter what I tried, tested by going to below 2000 meters with a totally new save and with a save from a earlier version of the game and no issues. You could test to see what happens if you spawn in a totally new diving suit or using a different save with a vanilla sub.
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Originally posted by BirdOfPray: With only diving suit, around 2600 meters deep, I instantly get barotrauma warning and start seeing bleeding animation with blurry screen (I tried with a modded sub Explorer on my campaign with a diving suit that came with it and I bought a new one from the outpost to try it out. Both had the same effect). (Sub can resist up to 4k meters)

I managed to craft Abyss and Combat Diving Suit which both works without a problem. We were used to be okay with only diving suit in these depths so I was confused.
You don't have any other mods either? Or did you previously have a mod that affected diving suits in the same save? As I'm totally fine with the default diving suits even below 2700 meters
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Yeah I just tested the brighter lights mod and that definitely broke the diving suit, didn't test the other ones on the list as that one seemed obvious