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It's someone (or a group of people) spamming fake servers onto the server list. Here's an earlier thread about the same issue: https://www.reddit.com/r/Barotrauma/comments/13thvdi/is_this_happening_to_anyone_else_or_just_me/

We are working on some countermeasures against these spam servers, but as mentioned in that earlier thread, it's unfortunately a somewhat tricky problem to solve. There's no easy way to automatically detect whether a server is legit or spam, and doing it manually is not an easy way to go about it either, because the spammers can just keep firing up new servers with different names/descriptions/SteamIDs - and as a small team, we unfortunately don't have the resources to monitor and moderate the server list 24/7.

But do we have some ideas for addressing this, and I'm hopeful we can get rid of these, or at least make them much less common. For the time being, it's possible to work around the issue by adding the names (or parts of the names, for example R1P, R2P, R3P...) of the servers to the text file Data/forbiddenwords.txt inside the game folder. Sorry for the inconvenience, and than you for your patience!

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Originally posted by IcyNote_A

Happy to see you are working on it. Don't you mind if I use your message as reference for people who asking about spam?

Feel free, until we can implement a proper fix for this it's good if people are aware what these are and how they can temporarily work around the problem. :)

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