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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello everyone!

We are excited to tell you our 1.0 release is coming this spring. Before that, we’re releasing a pre-patch that includes some final fixes and changes that we wanted to release while still in Early Access.

For many players, the most noteworthy additions in this pre-patch are reworked poisons and status effects. Unfortunately, these changes mean that some mods will not function properly until the creator updates them. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but we hope that by releasing these changes in advance, we give all modders enough time to update their mods before our big release!

  • Monsters can be infected with poisons, making poisons and the medic class more useful in combat.
  • Poisons have been redesigned to provide more interesting and varying effects, and the overall strength of poisons has been adjusted.
  • Applying poisons will increase the players’ medical skill.
Status effects
  • Changes to the overall targeting logic of status effects.
  • Status effect skill and item requirement checks have also been changed.
These changes will require some mods that use status effects to be updated. Please see this Steam forum post for more details.

Other changes and additions
  • Transparent visors for diving suits.
  • Modified clients are no longer able to pick up unpickable items.
  • Some submarine upgrades now cost materials or items in addition to money.
  • Better support for playing the multiplayer campaign without a host or someone with campaign management permissions on the server.
Important information about Barotrauma 1.0 In preparation for our 1.0 release, we are going to adjust Barotrauma’s pricing on Steam in two weeks, on February 10. What this means is that the next two weeks will be the last chance to buy Barotrauma at its Early Access price – and we have a new discount period starting today to give everyone one last good deal on the game before we reach 1.0. Please tell your friends if they have been waiting to dive in! The price increase will not affect anyone who already owns Barotrauma.

Read more about the update and our plans on https://barotraumagame.com/announcements/pre-patch-for-barotrauma-1-0/">our blog, and stay tuned for the pre-patch next week!

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