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So today Barotrauma has been officially released! And with this release comes a whole slew of new changes. While the dev posts focus primarily on the changes in the campaign, the devs have sneakily added a few of new (potentially endgame-level) enemies into the patch notes. You can preview these new monsters in the character editor, HOWEVER, they will be hidden in the editor unless you use the console command "showmonsters."

Below are all the screenshots of the new monsters that I was able to find.

I haven't gotten the chance to see or test these new monsters myself, so I have no real idea what they do/what they are. Just my own guesses and opinions.

\"Husk Container\"

The first one is relatively simple. It appears to be a husk infection that managed to parasitize a storage container. Seems incapable of swimming and can only crawl with its tendrils. My guess is that this likely has to do with new Children of the Honkmother quests, where this appears as an enemy. Or more unlikely and disturbingly, this could mean that storing husk eggs in storage containers for long periods of time could have... unintended consequences. (Although I don't see mention of such a new mechanic in the patch notes so HIGHLY unlikely.)



This new monster is labelled as an "ancient." It's a little bigger than a human if you minus its rear tentacles and is capable of swimming. From its name, I'm guessing that this is one of the fabled aliens from which the ruins originated. If this is one of the surviving aliens, where could you possibly find them and what could they possibly do? Either way, exciting to finally see what our alien predecessors looked like.



Yep. Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is a doomworm with alien material as part of its shell and a few alien weaponry strapped on for good measure. However! If you look closely, you can see that this thing is quite hurt! You can see that it's actually much shorter than a normal doomworm, and judging from its lack of a tail, we can assume that this thing has already been in a fight and got cut in half before! (it appears to be only about 1/2 or 1/3 the length of a normal doomworm) In addition, you can see several holes in its shell and one of the main guns that replaced its mandibles is broken (missing its gun). So while this thing will likely shred our sub, we probably still have a chance given how damaged this thing is.



Lastly, This... Simply labelled as "Jove," This massive humanoid creature seems to have a large forcefield around it. I can only assume that this creature is the source of the Jovian radiation. Therefore, this thing is likely going to be found at the end of your campaign. As to what it actually does... I got no idea. And honestly, I don't really wanna know just yet. Although I've spoiled myself on the appearance of what appears to be the final boss of this game, I (weirdly) don't want to spoil myself on the actual mechanics. If you're willing to test it out yourself, go ahead. (feel free to post your findings in the comments, just make sure to tag as spoiler and notify people beforehand.)

*sidenote*: As many of you likely know, "Jove" is the roman equivalent of Zeus in mythology. Perhaps this thing is truly a god-like being?


(all videos and screenshots were taken by myself.)

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Originally posted by Timpstar

But in the patch notes it says "will you find out what's causing the jovian radiation?" Or smth like that

True, but the cause isn't Jove (at least directly). ;) There are several other hints in the game that might help you piece it together - probably the most explicit ones in the conversations you can have with a certain researcher in the beacon station right next to the center of the Eye of Europa.

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