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And don't comment saying "BuT tHeRe's LeGacY iN OptIoNS!!!!!" It does not work and if you've actually made it work, please explain how.

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I wrote a somewhat related comment about this change here:

Basically our intention with the change was to make the chat (both text and voice) a little more intuitive and make both the text and voice work with the same logic. E.g. in voice activation mode you would still need to use the push-to-talk keys to use the local chat, and there was no indication which one you're using, and different keys were used to use the different modes of communication for text and voice.

We didn't actually anticipate that so many people actually liked the sort of "hybrid voice activation / push-to-talk" method of communicating, but since we've gotten so much feedback about it, we are planning on reintroducing the separate push-to-talk keys as a legacy option.

To be clear, what exactly is not working with the legacy options? Did you make sure to unbind the new inputs from the same keys as the legacy inputs, or do you mean you're trying to use voice activation and push-to-talk at the same time?

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Originally posted by TharamanXav

When I try to rebind the legacy keys, it doesn't actually let me hold b to talk in local or hold v to talk on radio, it just opens that respective text channel. This could very well be user error, but I seem to share the sentiment with a few others that it seems difficult to rebind correctly if it is indeed possible.

Oh and I love the game, by the way. This is a small nitpick on an otherwise incredible project that I've dumped hundreds of hours into.

Yeah, the legacy keys are essentially just the old R & T keybinds that start typing in the radio or local chat.

This was kind of an oversight on our part - we didn't expect so many players to be using the voice activation mode with a separate push-to-talk key for radio. But in any case, we'll be readding it soon: https://github.com/Regalis11/Barotrauma/issues/9379

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience. :)

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