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Is this a virus?, still pretty new so I don’t really know what this is, need some advice, thanks!

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Nah not really. You can try to contact a developer about this but they don’t really care about ingame problems.

This is honestly a little depressing to read, considering almost our whole team is currently working hard on addressing issues reported by players (see our issue tracker) as fast as we can and trying to get things patched asap. Also, as a side note, about third of the open issues in the tracker have already been fixed, but our QA team (that tests the fixes before we close the issues) is also absolutely swamped at the moment, so we can't get fixes into the public build as fast as we'd hope.

As u/Cool-Boy57 said, even though we are well aware of the problem, it's unfortunately very tricky to solve. There's no easy way to automatically detect whether a server is legit or spam, and doing it manually is not an easy way to go about it either, because the spammers can just keep firing up new servers with different names/descriptions/SteamIDs - and as a small team, we unfortunately don't have the resources to monitor and moderate the server list 24/7.

We are working on ways to make the spammers' life a lot more difficult and these spam servers less common though. Hopefully we'll get some of those implemented in the next patch. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

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