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Love the toad in the catapult. =)

01 Sep

17 Aug


Excellent stuff. The team loved it. =)

11 Aug


Hey there. While we're not ruling out more complex unit behavior, more advanced unit targeting would diminish the importance of positioning, which is currently one of the key strategic elements in Battle Legion.


Originally posted by Didgeridooh

Hi ! What’s the best way to defend our troops in the back against assassins ? I have a very hard time with them. I am trying this, but not very effective. Thanks for advices.

Thornguards are their nemesis.

07 Aug

02 Aug

31 Jul


Good stuff. I'm currently trying to get up there in the top 20 with a classic swarm, with a twist. ;) We'll see how my plans furl up.


Most likely we will not implement anything like this as you can review your purchase history directly from Apple or Google. Also we definitely do not want to give information of any player's real money spending to other players, this would be a breach of privacy.


Originally posted by l0953

Um I decided I would just purchase another upgrade instead so....

Did an app restart not resolve the issue for you? This is something we're aware of and do want to sort out, but an app restart is the best workaround for now.

10 Jul


Good stuff, this unit is definitely 'Righteous' at the moment.


Originally posted by percybolmer

Cant stress this enough, Gold!

Gold is easily the most important resource, I know those big chests are tempting, but after playing for a long time, gold is totally the best resource to spend on.

If you make a single setup and stick to it (ive done so) im stuck at units around lvl 10-11, ive got shards for most of em to the next level, but no gold.

But most likly you will want to have multiple setups and try new stuff and units, and it will Always be gold biting ur ass.


I can second this. Gold is your friend in the later ranks.

01 Jul


Originally posted by Jyssyj

This is a slap in the face. If you are so sad why dont you communicate more and come through on the things you promise? All we ever get from you are non-answers which are zo laughably transparant in their attempt to be as such. I bet part of Traplight will be relieved if the old critical guard is gone and nobody will bother to kick a fuss anymore.

I'm sorry you feel this way. I am genuinely sad to see Greenfoot go. I'm not sure what promises you are alluding to, but we've been quite careful with regards to communication related to the Wagon claiming system. Please check my response to Greenfoot below.


Originally posted by Greenfoot5

Are you from Traplight? As I can then grant the Traplight flair and all future replies get pinned.

Yeah, was me, just doxed my other account, but nobody noticed, right? In any case the answer remains the same. We'd love to give you a definitive answer, but unfortunately we don't have one yet. We're still weighting the feedback, data and internal resources needed to make a change. However we do understand why you and many other players feel the way you do about the change. As I iterated earlier in Discord, most likely a reversion to the old code is off the books, however this does not mean we can't return to a similar functionality.

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