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Your game is amazing. It took me awhile to grab ahold of it, especially with the pipeline missions, but wow is it rewarding and fun. Scout mains for the win!


Edit: GUYS, I have tried to reply to EVERYBODY. Everyone seems to have a reply from someone. If I missed anyone I am very sorry. Rock and Stone! Keep being an amazing community!

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Originally posted by BobbyBae: Just wanna say i like it alot!

Well done devs

Hey Bobby! Welcome to Siege! I'm glad you're enjoying it and having a good time so far!
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Welcome aboard miner. Rock and Stone!

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Originally posted by coolguycool1234

great, so what do I do?

You would want to create a thread like this in r/CODWarzone and consider hitting up the Raven Software Twitter. Treyarch doesn't have any control of Warzone.

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Hey there!

Welcome to the game!

In answer to your question, the limitations are in place because it would be too much for Lis to run around with both her own G-84 TGM Launcher and another Rocket Launcher. If you wish to use other launchers, you would need to consider selecting a different Engineer.

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