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Originally Posted by KasraMavaddat
Hello Ubisoft,

I had the ruby weapon skin on xbox in the past but for some reason it disappeared from my inventory when I came back to the game. I don't like truly care I just want that skin back cause it was cool.

Whereas you shouldn't necro old threads, I recommend you go to the support team. Please double check the date before posting next time! ...
Originally posted by Francis: just switched from xbox play some cas with me i dont have ♥♥♥♥

Welcome to PC Siege! As mentioned above, the R6 Discord is a perfect place for you to find people to queue up with! I've personally used it on multiple occasions, and everyone in there is super chill!
Originally posted by Joe Biden's Hairy Legs: Title.

Yup! Everything is on hold for now until the exploit is fixed, but once it is, the event will still run for two weeks, along with the challenges.


Originally Posted by ChrisK.-
khali defeinityl needs silencer and buck ofc
So, I see the advantages of adding a sniper to buck, but what do you think the advantage of Kali having a silenced sniper would be?
Originally posted by ShappeRR: Im 112 level.I was gold tier 1 last season but in almost every 3 match of 2 ı get newbies or really noob teammates.
İs there an algorithm or a way for that to be solved?

If you have any questions about how our matchmaking system works We released a dev blog [www.ubisoft.com] that should give you a little more insight!


    UbiShoreman on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Ive heard that restarting the game has helped some folks with this issue! Any luck with that?
Originally Posted by im2smart4ubro
Someone Stole my account because I havent been active on it for a long time. They set up a different 2-factor authentication and I am unable to log into my own account!!!!
Theres no way of me getting into my own **** account... PLEASE HELP!!
I would definitely direct you towards opening up... Read more
Hey BETA, That's a strong idea for dealing with the issue at hand! It can definitely be frustrating to have games drop out like this. Which datacenter is it that you're connecting to?
We don't have a current ETA at the moment. However, when the event comes back, it'll run for a full two weeks as originally intended. We know this is a bummer, but our team is hard at work on a fix. We'll be sure to update when we have more info to share!
Originally posted by Impi: I like both sights but I don’t know what to chose :/

I play hard breacher in my stack sometimes and I think personally ACOG works best. Your entries are usually the first ones in and I tend to hold their swing or provide some kind of cover while the plant is going down.
Originally Posted by Devin82
Okay so, not sure how to address this, but the face paint on Gridlock's Full Moon Road head gear looks too much like she's wearing Blackface. The head gear equipment is fine, but that face paint needs to go or be modified.
Now before anyone rushes to defend this face paint, let me just say, I don't think the company is racist; just that this was done in poor taste. I'm not sure when this head gear was added, because I don't play Gridlock as an operator; but I can tell you that the moment I saw someone wearing this face paint in the game I was immediately offended.
Now Ubisoft, I know yours is a Canadian/French company so perhaps you overlooked the painful history behind this type of imagery. Understandable. But I feel the need to point this o...
Read more

06 Aug

Hey there, which data center are you playing on?

moding in r6

    UbiYubble on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Any form of game tampering is a bannable offense.

Ubisoft servers

    UbiShoreman on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hey Gummy! What exact issues are you experiencing with our servers?
Originally posted by FakeN: What about the weekly challenges related to it as well?

Club Challenges will also be extended!
Originally posted by siam1221:
Originally posted by UbiShoreman:
This is correct! It was taken down for this, and will be coming back when the bug has been patched over!
I hope you will extend the event then

We will be!

Oryx or Melusi?

    UbiShoreman on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally posted by Spaghetti: Greetings,
I'm confused and don't know whether to buy Oryx or Melusi.
But, I feel that Oryx is kinda useless and he is only able to breach any breachable wall. Isn't he?

Oryx has his uses as a roamer, and of course tackling shield ops can be fun, but as far as the better overall op, definitely Melusi.
Originally posted by nitreu:
Originally posted by No running in the quarentine: Removed due ez exploits that would people win every round
oh damn so where is it going to return?

We haven't given a set return date, but we will be extending the game mode to make sure it can be enjoyed properly when it does return!
Originally posted by Hanz: hotkey for shadowplay omegalul
Anyway, u cant rn. This feature dropping in season 3 if im not mistaken

The plan is during Y5, I'm digging around to see if there's an article detailing which season. For whatever reason S3 feels right, but I'm double checking!
Originally posted by HitDude47: I think they removed it cause of the godmode glitch and might just fix it and put it back in soon

This is correct! It was taken down for this, and will be coming back when the bug has been patched over!
Hey Odahhviing! We are aware of the issue and currently working on a fix, but thank you for sharing your story!
Does restarting the game help this issue at all?

New Packs

    UbiYubble on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally posted by Tommy Angelo: How do u get the packs? are they just random drops for when you win a mute game?

You get one for doing a challenge, and the rest you can use Renown or R6 Credits to get them. Also, if you're only interested in a set for one operator, you can get just that set through the in-game store!
The event was taken down earlier today while the team is working on a fix for the exploit.