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Latest Patch NotesY4S2.3 DESIGNER'S NOTES (about 3 hours ago)


about 3 hours ago - Ubi_F4nch on Steam - Thread - Direct

The constant work of our balancing team aims at improving the game experience and the overall game balance. Statistics gathered since the beginning of Operation Phantom Sight have played a major role in the upcoming changes detailed below.

Balancing changes are also motivated by community feedback, which is often an indicator helping us to pinpoint specific issues. A careful analysis relying on data gathered with our internal tools help us to picture what needs to be done. We are about to give you an insight about these statistics and to explain why certain changes have been made.

DEFENDERS ... Read more

Connection lost. 2 games. 2 bans TY Ubi

about 10 hours ago - UbiMark on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct

Hi Doigrales,

Can you please try the troubleshooting steps in the link here[support.ubi.com]?

- Ubisoft Support


about 11 hours ago - UbiGinge on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
We can pass this feedback to the game dev team.

As this is not technically a support related query, I have moved it to General Discussion so the dev team can gauge the feedback of the community as a whole on this.

- Ubisoft Support


Can we delete castle?

about 17 hours ago - UbiBoat on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by ProsaltInNoSeconds

wheres the new deployable shield at? that thing was money

Still in the test lab.

Hello MiOn,

We can only offer support in English unfortunately.
Can you please translate your issue or create a case on the support website[support.ubi.com] so we can provide you support in your native language.

- Ubisoft Support

17 Jul

Y4S2.2 patch and Exploits update.

2 days ago - Ubi-Watermelon on Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally Posted by Luckydevil_010
Im going of the basis that the first blog specifically mentions the console bug yet its absent here. Not to mention that a target date isnt mentioned either.
The Top Issues blog is universal issues, not platform specific unless stated in the description/title of the issue.

No target date as I would assume they don't know the exact cause of the sound issues mentioned in the Top Issues blog yet, the devs working on that issue can't say when it will be fixed until they identify that, then they can perhaps estimate a resolved date.

Y4S2.2 patch and Exploits update.

2 days ago - Ubi-Watermelon on Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally Posted by Luckydevil_010
What bout sound bug on console. The issue blog doesnt mention it at all and theres nothing in the patch notes about it.
It's not in the Patch Notes as there isn't an update for it at the moment.

However, Sound bugs is the very first thing mentioned in the Top Issues blog.... Read more
Hey everyone,

As of the 2.2 patch deployment to consoles yesterday morning (16th July), the previous Clash, Claymore, Deployable Shield and IQ exploits should now be fully resolved across all platforms.

This had been trialed on the Live Build for PC for 1 week and no further reports for PC were brought up since that 2.2 PC deployment.

We'll have a blog up soon in the next few days explaining into more detail about the issue behind these exploits and what was done to fix this as well, I'll post this as soon as it's gone live.

2.2 Patch notes can be read here.

As usual, i... Read more

Hey everyone,

This video was posted 22 hours ago from when I'm replying now, So this was just before the 2.2 Patch was fully deployed to both consoles and IQ should no longer be sliding around on the floor.

However, if anything is seen from now on and going forward , please let us know on R6FIX.

Hey! I'm afraid we only support the in English at the moment. If you can translate your message I will do my best to assist you.

A member of the community might be kind enough to help out too, or you can open a support ticket for assistance in your native language here[support.ubi.com].

- Ubisoft Support

16 Jul

Originally posted by Hamzat_Hoxcho

there a IQ glitch people using in ranked, the character model runs around like its lying sideways on the ground and almost impossible to kill, lost a game and since then me and my friends are banning her at the start of the match

That should have been fixed with this patch as well.

Originally posted by DrRungo

Have you fixed this yet?



Originally posted by NoASmurf

Ubisoft uses the weird American system

Can partially confirm. Ubisoft employees in America like to use the weird American system. 😋

Originally posted by Edorak

Good! Can you now look into the DDOSing problem on console?

It is one of our big priorities atm.

Originally posted by Denyuu

I would like to do a party in Ubisofts Honor, but Clash is still bugged and IQ still hase bugs:



If you can still replicate those after the patch this morning on console, please DM me the ticket you make.

Originally posted by SentinelWhite

so does this mean that Warden and Nokk gadgets are going to be what they should be?

I'll ask to see what the plans are for reverting the loadouts.

Originally posted by LittleCatB

"As of the 2.2 patch deployment to consoles this morning, the previous Clash, Claymore, Deployable Shield exploits should now be fully resolved across all platforms."-I feel like I've heard something like this before... I must be imagining things

The failsafes we put into place previously could not account for all the ways in which the exploits could be executed, but we're quite confident that this final fix will stick.

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