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Originally posted by needfx

Hey u/lytlb1t ! I apologize for the ping , but I'm really curious about your past claim:

Drunkkz3 confirmed crouch sprinting (and other features) was not currently planned for BF2042.

Was there a misunderstanding from us or did things simply evolved over time? Or is this an open beta thing and movement will get BFV's features back?

... and happy birthday by the way!

Hey no worries. I understand that my reaction from back than can be interpreted as 'we keep everything and build on top' but that's not what I meant and also not what we were planning.

The reaction was based on the comparison between BFV's movement system and that from previous games. We were happy with the core movement mechanics of BFV. I mean stuff like ground detection, following the ground, moving over uneven terrain, vault detection, transitions between animations, stance transitions, cooldowns, etc. Stuff that made the movement feel smooth.

The mechanics that are mentioned above (prone on back, crouch sprinting, etc) were implemented specifically for the design direction of BFV back then, and didn't make it to this game for various reasons. Prone on back for example was abused a lot by campers and caused bad visibility, and crouch sprinting wasn't used enough to be worth the implementation and button mapping.

As this is a new game with a different direction we chose to focus our time on different features like parachute, zipline, grappling, sliding, wingsuit, takedowns, etc. Besides that we kept and improved the core, for a smooth overall ground traversal experience. That's what I meant when I said we were definitely building on top of BFV's movement.

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Originally posted by needfx

Thanks for those explanations!

While I do understand that those mechanics didn't necessarely fit the new game direction and didn't make it for other various reasons, I must admit I still feel very disappointed.

Movement in Battlefield 5 felt super smooth and pleasant to play. In addition of giving us a sense or freedom, it also added a lot to the immersion and the cinematic feel. I would have preferred if you kept those mechanics and try to adapt them to the new game direction instead of getting rid of them. Because right now, even if mostly everything is WIP in the BF2042 open beta , it really feels like a step back for those who spent a lot of time on BFV.

Too bad for me I guess!

I wonder in what sense you feel like 2042 is a step back in terms of 'smooth and pleasant'. As I worked on both games and tried to make both feel smooth, I don't really see why people say the beta's movement is clunky, so please help me understand.

Sure some things aren't fully tweaked yet in this version, like jump spamming, strafe penalties and stuff like that. But just regular ground movement and getting from point A to B and not getting blocked by stuff on your way, is that really worse? Please provide some examples if you want to.

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Originally posted by RedPum4

The movement on foot is great honestly. Also things like the grappling hook and pulling up on ledges work very good from a technical perspective. Probably wasn't easy to implement.

The beta has a lot of netcode or server performance related problems with movement of other players though, like rubberbanding etc. But that's obviously not your area or what this comment chain is about.

Correct, these issues might be related to server performance for example. Glad you like the movement.

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Originally posted by Scooter_S_Dandy

I'm not who you replied too but I personally don't think the regular ground movement from point A to B is bad, for instance, I like the new sprint mechanic and grapple. I do think the slide seems too fast and the way you gain momentum isn't something I'm used to in BF. I also don't think spammable bunny hopping or sliding like this is the type of evolution that I expected either. that's not something I ever really expect in a BF game. I think most people expected the "grounded" feeling of movement in BFV, rather than the more momentum based sliding and jumping. In BF2042 some of the movement feels very glidey. The movement is very smooth, fast and fluid, which leans into a more arcadey playstyle, it's fun but doesn't seem to play to the strengths of BFV movement mechanics.

I don't think the movement is clunky, it's very smooth, just not very grounded, it seems we have traded leaning, rolling, crouch running, and high mantling for double sprint, turbo slides, grappling and wingsuites. It's a different direction that I didn't expect.

I like the gameplay, and the foundation of this game is great, the movement direction isn't something I'm too keen on. The guns need a bit more feedback. Most importantly there needs to be visual differences between RU and US.

All that said I'm looking forward to release, and I appreciate all of the hard work, I love Battlefield and I can't wait to check out Hazard Zone!

Thanks for the explanation, appreciate it. Keep in mind that the movement in the beta isn't finished. We did implement additional penalties for jumping and sliding, and we will definitely tweak it further as we also don't want features to be abused. So yes we have a different direction for this game, but this version doesn't show the end result, and we will use community feedback to tweak it further after launch, just like during BFV.

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Originally posted by Koda_20

I think most of what people are calling clunky is just server stress because at least in my experience the lag and slight rubberbanding is what makes it feel clunky.

I think the acceleration from crouch sprinting is too high, it shouldn't hardly speed you up, but it basically teleports you forward and it just feels too quick.

Otherwise IMO it feels good.

You mean the impulse when entering a slide? That's good feedback, I can bring that up with the designer.

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Originally posted by needfx

I should have said "satisfying" or "gratifying" instead of using the term "pleasant". I personally don't think it's clunky, I never had this feeling of being stuck at any point like in some previous Battlefield games. I was rareley, if not never, stopped from moving or from doing what I was trying to do or felt like I was losing the control of my character. Movement technically works fine in BF2042. That being said, I do think many animations make it look clunky. For exemple, the vaulting animation is too fast, not smooth enough, and a little bit over the top, making it kinda hard to "understand". The same applies to others animations which are a little bit jerky. I guess this is also due to the fact BF2042 is trying to be more fast-paced.

In BFV, in terms of mechanics, running around then vaulting a barier and falling on the ground while making a roll was super smooth and satisfying. Those animations also worked pretty well. Running into a building and then jumping through a window to finally dive on the side to avoid an unexpected tank was possible. We were then able keep looking around while laying down carefully and then crouch sprint to move away discreetly. Eventually, in order to go behind enemy lines, we could dive into the water and swim underwater to go unnoticed.

BFV added a lot of different mechanics that allowed us to keep moving, with subtle variations, at different speeds.

Visually speaking and in terms of feeling, BFV felt like an improvement of Mirror's Edge parkour : it gave a sense of freedom and improved the cinematic look of moving around. In BF2042, it feels like I'm playing Doom 2016. It's a step back as it's almost like going back into the old-school fast paced FPS era: sure, it works well with a fast-paced design but the range of movement is lower and that's not the kind of direction I was expecting from a game like Battlefield, especially after BFV which, felt more grounded.

Hope that makes sense...

Thanks for the lengthy reply. I'm glad you say that the movement is fine technically. We tried hard to make the features reliable and work together more so it's possible to chain them. It took us a lot of time to make ground movement fluid on rocky terrain on BFV and let the vaults work consistently on all edges. This time around we tried to tackle this early on so we could focus on the features themselves instead of worrying too much about the coverage. I'm happy with the result as I think the features work consistently and you aren't battling with them as much as in our previous game (which resulted in a lot of feedback online).

That being sad I now understand what you meant. As we wanted to make movement more reliable and not something that you have constantly battle with, it became something that is less noticeable. Also on BFV we had a push for the physical feel, as this fit the WW2 setting more, which wasn't so much of a focus this time. This also resulted in the removal/shortening of vehicle enter/exit animations and the simplification of the revive animations. This allowed us to focus on different features because stuff like prone on back and the revive took a ridiculous amount of dev time last time.

It's a different feel and apparently not what you expected. I hope that you will appreciate it more over time and especially when more tweaks and QoL changes are coming in during launch.

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Originally posted by Tobikaj

My main concern is that unless it's downhill (and maybe not even then), sliding shouldn't be faster than running.

We just added logic to pretty much disable impulses when going uphill.

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Originally posted by needfx

This article shares a similar feeling and basically says what I was trying to say, with better words.

It's a different feel and apparently not what you expected. I hope that you will appreciate it more over time and especially when more tweaks and QoL changes are coming in during launch.

I do hope so. I can see this is different feel and a differrent direction, and maybe in the end this game won't fit my personal taste, which is fine.

Anyway, thanks for your time!

Feel free to post feedback when you play after release. This has been a fruitful conversation and the feedback is appreciated when voiced this respectfully.

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Originally posted by Tobikaj

Did you by chance see the bunnyhop video on the battlefield2042 subreddit right now? Grappling hook and then skirt across the map.

Yeah this is not the intended behavior and we are tweaking it further.

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Originally posted by CombustionEngine

Hey, I have my problems with the game, but thank you for the communication. I know you're just one person, but I think it helps a lot to see it from the team. Just to know that people aren't just screaming into the void and that through all the low effort posts some stuff is being heard by someone working on the game. Have a good weekend. But maybe don't spend it here lol.

Comments here are being read, even if not many of us reply. It's good to know what people are worried about and this has been a very fruitful conversation as it already sparked some conversations internally. We will be able to change stuff after launch, like we have been in the last games.

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Originally posted by dkb_wow

The FOV change when entering a slide is a bit disorienting too. I know it's supposed to simulate speed, but it feels like the FOV zooms in way too much. I'm playing at 74 soldier FOV on the in game option, which is my normal 90 horizontal FOV in other games. 16:9 monitor.

I'm pretty sure we already changed this.

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