02 Nov


Is this every session or just happened once?

21 Aug


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What game modes do you play?

Mainly Breakthrough


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It’s been my life mission since bf3 ti take the tags if a dev

I'm about to play a few rounds so good luck to you


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So there the development team is......

Hey man, allowed to grind the battle pass during the night right?


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Played with them yesterday. Sat in a Wildcat all game in Breakthrough. Didn't die until 50 kills.

Were you my gunner on Kaleidoscope?


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this guy is great. I played with him a few times and he always got like 50 revives as falck. 10/10 player. DICE might not be the best developers atm, but damn are they good medics lmao

PTFO'ing since 1942


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ey niels /u/lytlb1t

Oh hai

25 Nov


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Hi /u/lytlb1t, can you pass this to the team? Thanks!

Yep I will, thanks for reporting!


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There was a bug I discovered yesterday, shooting rockets from one of the shipping container beams down on a tank dealt zero damage. Shot about 4 rockets while the tank was moving. The one facing the ship i think sector D manifest. I should have clipped it. I'll try to replicate but it could have been a one off.

That sounds weird. If you manage to record a video I'll happily forward it.


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Can you say what was causing it? Just curious

I think it will be mentioned in the patch notes.


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apologies to double comment but just letting you know that there’s a bug where if you take a tactical insert and place it in an elevator, the tactical insert does not stay in the elevator car.

It stays on the ground level and if you spawn on the tactical insert while the elevator car is on another floor, you are inside the elevator shaft (and not the car)

If you go prone while the elevator comes down and are in the elevator shaft, you can avoid getting pushed back into the elevator and stay inside the walls of the elevator shaft.

Thanks, I'll forward this to QV


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Congrats on finding the fix! Must have have been a pain debugging that one...

I wouldn't have managed without our great QV department that went above and beyond to find the repro.


It took a while to find the cause of this issue, but yesterday I checked in a fix for this which will go live in one of the upcoming patches.

24 Nov


A fix is lined up for one of the upcoming patches.

15 Nov


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How about controlling exit direction with WASD? I think it could be better in certain situations.

That's definitely a good suggestion that I will give some thought.


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I just checked it with the LATV4 and the T-28 and it seems the updates didn't make it into the early access build :(

For now this is how it works; no matter where your gun is aiming (both driver and gunner) you always hop out from the left of the vehicle. The only thing that changes is where you're looking when you get out. So as an example, if you aim your gun to the right, you'll still exit from the left but you'd be looking towards the right. If you aim your gun at the rear, you'll exit from the left while looking at the rear. video example of the T28

Yeah I'm pretty sure I fixed this already, but I'll take another look just to be sure.


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Since we're on the topic of entering/exiting vehicles, I feel there is a pretty important mechanic missing when it comes to exiting vehicles, i.e. exiting in the direction you're looking at.

If you pointed your gun/camera at the back of the vehicle, you'd exit from the back; if you pointed it towards the left, you'd exit from the left, and so on. It was actually extremely useful in BF2/3/4 as you could control which direction you exit from, and that helped when quickly getting out of vehicles to repair, etc.. This feature was lost due to the addition of enter/exit animations but since they don't exist in 2042, I think this is something that should be brought back!

We do check the aim but have a limited amount of exit points. If you aim towards the right, you should exit on that side too. We did some fixes to this the last months, so if that doesn't work as it should, consider it fixed for an upcoming patch.


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The solution being so obvious it hurts: Delay the time you can control by the same time of the entry animation...

We had it working like that before, but it turned out to be annoying when entering gunner seats. Changing it to make it more responsive seemingly introduced this issue. We'll follow up on it!

12 Nov


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You guys are quick into action lol. Yeah no problem. Pretty badass game you guys made nice work mate

Thanks :)

11 Nov


Interesting, I think it has something to do with the open container you teleported to. It's probably a moving one, and we had some problems with moving objects in the past. I asked QV to take a look at this problem, thanks for sharing :)